Growth Spurt And Development Of Your Baby At 5 Weeks

When your baby is 5 weeks old, it shows you with its whole body whether it is happy or unhappy. Your offspring can already distinguish familiar caregivers from strangers.

In the 5th week of life, the baby’s first major growth spurt is imminent. Your offspring needs a lot of physical contact and comfort during this phase. Overall, your baby is now more alert and more interested in its environment.

Your Baby At 5 Weeks: A Growth Spurt Is Imminent

The baby’s growth spurt is accompanied by many physical changes. Your offspring is less frightened than before. He has also learned to breathe more regularly and swallows less.

The first developmental spurt in baby usually lasts only a few days to a week. These signs indicate a growth spurt in the baby:

  • Your baby is sleeping poorly and waking up more often at night.
  • The growth spurt makes babies more restless and unhappy.
  • Your baby is already overwhelmed with little things, because the brain is developing new abilities.
  • The baby would prefer to be carried day and night.
  • It cries much more often.
  • Due to the growth spurt, babies have more appetite than before.

Baby 5 Weeks: Growth Spurt And Physical Development

At 5 weeks, your little darling is 50 to 62 centimeters tall and weighs 5,100 to 5,600 grams. The romper now fits best in sizes 50 to 56. Learn more about the growth spurt of babies and the development in the area of motor skills and senses.

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Your Baby’s Motor Skills And Reflexes At 5 Weeks Of Age

Your baby is equipped with early childhood reflexes when he or she is born. These serve to protect the little new arrival and ensure survival. The so-called grasping reflex has been very pronounced until now and has caused your baby to automatically hold onto objects and fingers.

From the 5th week onwards, these reflexes gradually fade into the background and make way for coordinated and more fluid movements. Your favorite’s hands slowly open up. However, the first attempts to grasp still usually come to nothing.

When your offspring is lying on its tummy, it will try to lift its head and orient itself in space. Lifting the head already succeeds for a few seconds and paves the way for your baby’s upright posture.

This Is How Your Baby’s Sensory Perceptions Change

Due to the growth spurt in babies, sensory perception develops at a rapid pace. The senses are now even more receptive and active. Overall, the baby is more alert and clearly more interested in its environment from the 5th week onwards.


While your baby’s senses of hearing, taste, smell and touch are already well developed from the start, vision is relatively weak in the first few weeks.

At first, the baby’s perception of the world is hazy and blurred. In addition, it prefers light and dark tones in the first few weeks, as it cannot yet recognize colors.

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At 4 to 5 weeks, your baby is able to track an interesting object with its eyes. Your child can also distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces.


Your baby’s hearing is already relatively well developed at birth. With increasing “hearing experience”, the hearing of the new arrival becomes more and more refined in the following weeks. From the very beginning, your baby will listen for sounds and turn its head towards the source of the sound.

He recognizes and prefers your voice and responds to songs that you sing to him frequently.

Smell And Taste

Your baby is 5 weeks young and was born with a fully developed sense of smell. It will find your breast immediately after birth based on smell alone. Even premature babies from the 28th week of gestation recognize their mother by her smell.

It is the most immediate of all senses because it acts directly on the limbic system. It is also closely linked to our emotions and memories. Since your offspring’s sense of smell is particularly sensitive at 5 weeks, you should avoid strongly scented shower gels and lotions.

The sense of smell is also closely related to the sense of taste. Your baby already has very fine taste buds.

Touch And Feel

When your baby is born, the sense of touch is already particularly sophisticated. No wonder – the tactile sense is the first sense to develop at all. In the 5th week of gestation, the embryo already feels touches on the lips. After birth, the sense of touch still has to develop further.

It is not fully developed until the age of two. Your baby’s most sensitive and important organ of touch is the mouth. That’s why many objects disappear into the mouth for closer exploration.

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Baby 5 With Weeks: Growth Spurt From The Baby And Mental Development

The baby’s growth spurt causes rapid mental development. Your offspring is now more alert and wants to explore its environment. In this phase, your offspring is busy observing and imitating. Perhaps your baby will soon give you its first conscious smile. Your baby will now respond more strongly to being spoken to and touched.

Emotional Development

Your baby is 5 weeks young and already able to express basic emotions such as squirming, fright or curiosity. When he is satisfied and full, he shows it with his whole body. During the 5-week stage, your baby needs a lot of physical contact and closeness.

During the growth spurt, babies develop many new skills and they process unfamiliar sensory impressions. This can be scary for your baby at first. Therefore, provide a calm, comfortable atmosphere.

Social Development And Communication

With a little luck, your baby will soon show you his first social smile. So far, your offspring’s smile has been reflexive. The corners of his mouth have automatically pulled up during sleep or half-sleep. Soon your baby will be able to feel joy and will prefer happy faces.

The baby has become more alert due to the developmental spurt and can now already participate more actively in family life. He is busy building social relationships with familiar caregivers.

At 6 weeks, your baby will also begin to make the first pharyngeal, palatal and guttural sounds. This is an important step in your baby’s language development.

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Now It’s Time For A Doctor’s Visit

In the 4th to 7th week of life, the third check-up of mother and child is due. During this examination, the doctor asks about the child’s feeding behavior and checks whether the child is moving in an age-appropriate manner.

Can the baby turn its head to the side and lift its head in the prone position? Can the child turn back and forth in the supine position? These and many other questions are clarified during the preventive medical checkup.

The child also undergoes an orthopedic examination to ensure that abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system can be treated at an early stage.

Financial Statement

When your baby turns 5 weeks old, he or she will be between 50 and 62 centimeters tall and weigh between 5,100 and 5,600 grams. During the so-called growth spurt, babies develop new abilities in the 5th week. Physical and mental development progresses in leaps and bounds.

From the 5th week, the growth spurt in the baby is imminent, which is accompanied by many physical changes. Your offspring breathes more regularly and swallows less. During this phase, your little one can seem particularly restless and unhappy. Give him a lot of closeness and comfort now.

The baby’s growth spurt has made him more alert and active. He wants to discover his environment together with you and learns more by observing and imitating. Your baby can already express feelings such as anger, curiosity or satisfaction without any problems. Soon it will give you your first social smile and make its first sounds.

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