Cut Hair Without A Hairdresser? These Tips And Tricks You Should Know

A visit to the hairdresser is actually something great, but unfortunately very expensive. Moreover, in times like these, you never really know if the salons will even stay open. So the temptation is great to simply cut the family ‘s hair yourself for once. With the right instructions, the right tools and a little practice, this is no problem.

In the following article you will find tips on how to cut the hair of your loved ones yourself with scissors and machine – like a pro!

Cut Your Own Hair – Step By Step

At the beginning, the cuts should of course be as simple as possible. It’s best to start with a simple short haircut and shorten it by just a few centimeters. Because what’s off is off. If you are still absolutely inexperienced, you should cut the hair in dry condition, because they appear longer when wet.

The Right Tool

The right tool is essential, because with the kitchen scissors rarely comes a decent hairstyle.

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Here is a small list of what you need:

  • Hair clippers
  • Hair scissors
  • Cape or large towel
  • Hand mirror
  • Comb

Especially for the neck or the sides of a man’s cut, a clipper is very practical. In the vastness of the Internet you will find a variety of hair clippers in test. After a little research, you have found the best model for your needs.


Since the small hairs will find themselves everywhere once they are cut off, you should put a cape or a large towel around the person to whom you are cutting the hair. Make sure that the hair does not fall on a carpet, because these are difficult to get out again, despite the vacuum cleaner. The bathroom usually lends itself well to haircuts of all kinds. If “the customer” is placed on the chair, you must be able to reach the head from all sides.

If possible, you should immediately dispose of the cut hair in the trash, as it can clog the drain. Last but not least, you or another family member should give it a good vacuuming.

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The Top Coat

Quite typically, the top coat will stay longer. If you decide to use clippers, you should choose the longest attachment. With the scissors, work your way from the back of the head to the forehead, taking strand by strand between your index and middle fingers and carefully shortening it.

The Sides And The Transitions

Now you turn your attention to the sides and then to the nape of the neck. Shorten the sides with the clippers. First choose a slightly longer attachment – you can always shorten it.

In the best case, the transitions between the different hair lengths are not visible. To do this, gradually raise the machine a little each time you go through the hair. This creates smooth transitions. However, you should work slowly and carefully at this point.

The Nape Of The Neck

The nape of the neck is always a bit of a challenge, but here too you can work wonderfully with the machine if it is a short hairstyle. If you work with scissors, we advise you to take off only a little and slowly work your way forward.

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Cut Bangs

As a beginner, it is better to cut your bangs when they are dry. Wet it appears longer, which can quickly make the bangs too short. Cut the middle of the pony first to establish a reference point. Again, take the hair between your index and middle fingers and carefully trim (just a few millimeters to be on the safe side).

The Styling

Short hair can be air-dried well and then styled into the desired shape with a little gel or wax. Longer hair can be given the finishing touch with a hairdryer.

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