Hair Loss During Pregnancy: What To Do?

During pregnancy, many changes take place in the body. Increased hormones are released, to which your body must adjust. Especially in the first three months, it reacts with various complaints. Often the hormonal change also affects the skin and hair. Hair loss, brittle nails and dry skin are often the consequences of the changed hormones. Hair loss is a particular problem for many women. This is because increased hair loss can occur throughout pregnancy. As a rule, this is no cause for concern and returns to normal after the birth of the child.

What To Do About Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Not every pregnant woman has to deal with hair loss. Some women report that even during pregnancy their hair grows better and even becomes more beautiful. In this case, however, the hair loss may not show until after the baby is born. If you suffer from hair loss during pregnancy, it can be the other way around. After birth, the hair loss normalizes, because the increased estrogens during pregnancy decrease again.

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The reason for hair loss during pregnancy can also be a lack of iron, as your body needs more iron during this time. Your gynecologist can determine whether you have an iron deficiency during preventive examinations. In most cases, additional preparations are prescribed to compensate for the deficiency. It is important that you do not take a large amount of iron without medical advice. Even if it is well-intentioned, an overdose during pregnancy can backfire. Your hairdresser can give you good tips during this time to make your hair look fuller and will certainly tell you what hair care is best for you. With natural-based growth-promoting products, you can naturally stimulate hair growth and ensure that hair loss is not too noticeable.

Home Remedies For Hair Loss During Pregnancy

If you suffer very much from hair loss, you should definitely talk to your gynecologist about it. It is also important that you observe after the birth whether your hair loss continues. As a rule, the condition will return to normal. There are no real home remedies against hair loss during pregnancy. However, it is important that you stress your hair as little as possible in case of severe hair loss during pregnancy. Do not brush your hair too often and use particularly mild and nourishing products. Your scalp will also be happy about products with a lot of moisture. When you are pregnant, your hair can react very strongly and also differently than usual to chemicals, such as when coloring your hair or with a perm.

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In the first trimester we advise you not to dye your hair. If you still need a change in your hair, dye only the lengths or use a natural-based color in consultation with your hairdresser. In the meantime, there are great options so that you don’t have to do without coloring your hair throughout your pregnancy. If your hairdresser knows about your pregnancy, he or she can avoid using colorants containing ammonia, because the scalp can react very strongly to these substances during pregnancy and pass them on to your baby. Therefore, women often resort to colors with henna. These consist of plant-based agents and do not attack the scalp, but may contain pesticide residues. You can find more information about this topic in our article Dyeing hair during pregnancy.

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