Herpes During Pregnancy: What To Do?

With the herpes viruses come not only the typical herpes blisters on the lip or in the genital area, but other infectious diseases can also be caused by them. Chickenpox, shingles, Pfeiffer’s glandular fever or cytomegaly can be caused by herpes viruses. Herpes is generally caused by the herpes simplex virus. There are two different types of this virus. While HSV type 1 is rather unthreatening for the baby, the second type can even lead to a miscarriage during pregnancy. Due to the weakened immune system of pregnant women, herpes can occur more frequently during pregnancy.

Different Types Of Herpes

The type HSW type 1 is noticeable by painful vesicles on the mouth. This virus is transmitted through the contents of the blisters and saliva and is very infectious. Infections occur through kissing, cuddling, using a glass previously used by a person with this type, and also through sneezing. Once they are in the skin, they multiply very quickly. Blisters appear. They itch and hurt. The blisters are again full of viruses that can be passed on

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Once the blisters have burst open, they dry out and usually heal on their own. But the viruses remain in the body. Often, most people have been infected with the virus as a child and carry it inside themselves. HSV type 2 is transmitted through the mucous membranes of the mouth and genitals and is a transmissible sexual disease. Herpes in the genital area can be recognized by a painful rash and blisters in the vaginal area. Infection with HSV type 2 can lead to miscarriage during pregnancy or even a disorder as well as illness of the baby.

Home Remedies For Herpes During Pregnancy

Herpes can break out due to stress, injuries or even weakened defenses of the body. Since during pregnancy the mother’s immune system is usually weakened more than usual, it can lead to increased herpes. The mother-to-be usually notices the tingling on her lips about four to twelve hours before the outbreak

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For the baby itself, herpes in the mother during pregnancy has no effect. To reduce the outbreak of herpes, it helps to start treatment as early as possible. In doing so, the pregnant woman can apply tea tree oil to cream her lips. The active ingredient is safe during pregnancy and helps as well as lemon balm, which can be applied as an ointment to the lips.

What Helps Against Herpes In Pregnancy?

Since in most cases a weakened immune system is the reason for herpes in pregnancy, the expectant mother should pay attention to a healthy immune system and strengthen the defenses of her body, especially during this time. Daily exercise not only keeps you fit, but also relieves many ailments that arise during pregnancy. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system and boosts metabolism

This also reduces stress and lifts your mood. Even a long extended walk in the evening can help and strengthen the immune system. Important in this context is also the diet during pregnancy. Especially during pregnancy, not only the expectant mother, but also her baby needs many important vitamins and nutrients

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By eating a healthy diet, the mother can absorb the nutrients that are important for herself and her baby, and by eating healthy foods, she can absorb important vitamins to build up her immune system. Taking time off, switching off from stress and taking care of one’s own well-being, all this avoids the organism suffering and at the same time ensures good defenses. A short vacation can help recharge the battery and help reduce stress, especially during pregnancy.

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