Homeschool Preschool For Free

You can never start too early when it comes to teaching your children. Even if homeschooling isn’t your thing and it’s not something you intend to do, you can (and should) set your kiddos up for success before sending them off to school. Taking the time to prepare your kids for school carries great importance to their development and success in school. Here is one way to homeschool preschool for free.

We can all remember being young and just starting in school. Do you remember how much better your attitude was when you felt prepared for what you were learning? Do you remember how much easier it was to learn something that you had already seen a few times before?

That’s the goal with our children. We want them to walk into school with the feeling of “Hey, I’ve seen this before!” leading to them being more likely to engage and expand their learning.

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This might help your child in Preschool:

So how can we do that? What tools and resources are available to us that will allow us to set our children up for success? Even better, which of these tools can give us the ability to do preschool completely from home if we choose to do so?

There are several options at your disposal, but I’m going to focus on one today that I feel is all-encompassing and extremely effective with proven results. This is a wonderful tool if you’re looking to get your child ready to go to school or if you’re wanting to use it as a resource to do preschool from your own home. 

ABC Mouse

I can not sing the praises of ABC Mouse enough. It is the BEST tool I have found for preschooling from home and it came highly recommended by my daughter’s preschool teacher.

ABC Mouse is designed for children as young as two years old up to eight years old. From age two to about second grade, ABC Mouse has your kiddos covered. It is THE top online learning program with an award-winning curriculum. 

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The monthly subscription is very affordable when you consider the value of what you’re getting, and new members get their first month for FREE! It also comes with no commitment. You don’t get roped into a contract, you can just pay monthly as you need it.

Another beautiful component of having a supplementary program downloaded to a smartphone or tablet is that you can take that learning with you anywhere you go! You can’t really do that with a traditional preschool. Going on a car ride? ABC Mouse! Waiting in the doctor’s office? ABC Mouse! Bored in the grocery store? ABC Mouse! The portability alone is a huge selling point for me. You don’t have to feel guilty about putting your children’s learning on pause while you run errands. 

The curriculum encompasses the basic math, reading, and language arts that you would expect to find in any supplement for learning. But, where ABC Mouse takes the prize in my opinion is in the bonuses it offers. It includes so much more than the basics to help keep the brains of your kids active and engaged like songs, puzzles, games, and even a virtual aquarium and farm!

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Do you have more than one kid that would benefit from ABC Mouse? Not a problem! ABC Mouse allows up to three children to create avatars of themselves and their teachers and participate in the coursework. It’s easy to see what your children have been studying as well! ABC Mouse marks the lessons completed as your child moves through the curriculum so that you have a good idea of what they’ve been learning about. 

I’m also a big fan of the flexibility that ABC Mouse offers. You have full control over what you want your child to learn. In addition to the step by step learning paths, you also have the ability to create your very own learning path if you choose to do so. You can build custom lessons if there are specific things you are wanting your child to focus on learning. 

I love ABC Mouse and I could ramble on about it for ages. The foundation it helps children build will set them up for future success in academia without question. It’s well worth the monetary investment to know that I’m investing in a solid framework for learning that my children will need to be successful in school for years to come. 

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Give it a try with your kids today! I promise you won’t regret it!

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5 thoughts on “Homeschool Preschool For Free”

  1. Just an FYI about ABC mouse:

    “I’m including it in the list here because they have a 30 month free trial before you have to pay”

    That should read 30 DAY free trial

  2. I love and use a service which isn’t free, but a LOT cheaper than ABC Mouse and I think does a fantastic job. 35 dollars a year and it has an app available on iOS, Android, and Computer. My 3 year old has learned so much through this app I’m amazed. Educational fun for preschool to 2nd grade. Easy Peesy is a great site. I would also suggest using your local library for social activities for preschoolers. One of the challenges of homeschooling preschoolers is getting them around kids their own age (well at least for me it is).

  3. I love the ideas you have on here after everything that’s going on in the world right now I’ve decided to homeschool all three of my kids and one of my kids is 4 so they don’t have homeschooling for her on here I found a lot thank you so much

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