Honey In Pregnancy – How Dangerous Is The Sweet Fun?

It is known that babies under 12 months are not allowed to eat honey. Therefore, many pregnant women ask themselves whether honey could harm the baby during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. In this article you will learn what effects honey has on infants and whether the same applies to pregnancy.

What Are The Risks Of Honey For Infants?

There are several reasons why infants should not consume honey. The main ones are bacteria and infections that can settle in the early childhood intestine.


Ever heard of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum? That’s the biggest danger honey poses to infants. While it is rarely present in honey, it can colonize the intestines and develop a toxic effect, also called botulism. The consequences can range from paralysis to even death.

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No wonder, then, that as a pregnant mother you ask yourself whether you are putting your unborn child at risk from honey during pregnancy and also during the style period.

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How Dangerous Is It To Eat Honey During Pregnancy?

Good news for all pregnant women: According to the Institute for apiology celle laves has given the all-clear for honey in pregnancy.

In 2000, large samples of honey were tested for Clostridium botulinum. The result: it could be detected in only one percent of the honey.

The conclusion of the institute is that for this reason honey should be avoided in the diet of babies under 12 months of age for safety reasons, but for children over 12 months and adults honey is a very healthy food.

Even if Clostridium botulinum should be present in honey, it cannot harm the organism of an adult, because it is directly rendered harmless thanks to stomach acid and bacteria.

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This means that pregnant women do not have to do without honey during pregnancy and can eat it without hesitation.

However, botulism is not the only risk that honey poses. What about listeriosis, toxoplasmosis or pyrrolizidine alkaloids in honey?


Listeriosis is an infectious disease that is usually the result of food infection and can lead to severe complications during pregnancy. Listeria are present in honey, but thanks to the high sugar content and the antibacterial effect that honey has, they cannot colonize and multiply. So, regarding listeriosis, there is no need to worry about honey in pregnancy.


The toxoplasmosis bacteria are not found in honey at all, so as an expectant mom, you don’t have to worry about honey in pregnancy in this regard.

Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids are plant constituents whose degradation products can be carcinogenic in the liver. In 2013, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment detected high doses of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in some herbal teas and infusions. Honey was also affected.

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The Federal Institute sees no danger here for adults, but only for infants and children. Therefore one can breathe also here as pregnant woman and must have no fears concerning honey in the pregnancy.

Enough with the fears – let’s come now simply times to the advantages, which one has by honey in the pregnancy.

Advantages Of Honey In Pregnancy

The sweet tease is, provided you have no allergies, literally a real natural:

Low Calorie

Honey has fewer calories than conventional sugar and especially the low-fructose spring honey prevents superfluous pounds.

Cravings Adé

Craving something sweet again? Why not reach for a healthy honey bread instead of unhealthy snacks.

Healthy Alternative

Due to the fact that it is lower in calories and a real healthy and nutrient-rich all-rounder, honey should be used as an alternative sweetener, for example for teas.

Helper Against Colds

Due to the antivital properties of honey, it relieves cold symptoms and irritating cough. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect against sore throat.

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Support For The Immune System

The antioxidants contained in honey strengthen the immunity of the body and has an alkaline effect, which brings the alkaline balance into equilibrium.

But how much honey in pregnancy is healthy?

One should not consume excessive amounts of honey during pregnancy. Three to five tablespoons of honey can be consumed per day during pregnancy. This corresponds to about 180-200 calories.

Excessive consumption of honey during pregnancy can also cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, constipation and flatulence.



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