What Is A Teacher Strike?

Whenever school is canceled because the teachers are on strike, I’m sure you’re totally happy. But what is a strike and why do the teachers do it?

What Is A Strike?

A strike is a method of industrial action. Working people want to enforce their demands against their employer. This can be a demand for higher wages or for better working conditions. In the case of the teachers, it is the case that the teachers in the public sector are fighting for their own Collective agreement because they want every teacher in every state to earn the same. Today, for example, a teacher in the state of Saxony earns less than a teacher at the same school in Bavaria. In addition, teachers are still differentiated according to whether they are employed in the public service works or is employed as a civil servant. The civil servants are paid better and the teachers want to achieve with their strike now that all are equal.

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How Long Do The Teachers Want To Strike?

That is why the teachers are now taking to the streets to lend more weight to their demands. In many German states, teachers go on strike every few years, resulting in a number of cancelled classes. In Berlin, for example, teachers marched through the streets last year with rattles, drums and banners to draw attention to their demands. The banners read, for example, “Equal pay for equal work” and similar slogans. In the next few days, therefore, there may well be more such actions and some of you will then be happy again when classes are canceled due to strike. The best time is when the next math test is due…..

Explanation Of Difficult Words:

A collective agreement is a contract between the worker and the boss. It says how much money he earns and how long he has to work for it.

The public service includes, for example, jobs at schools, colleges, water utilities and state hospitals.

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