Hot Flashes During Pregnancy: What To Do?

Many expectant mothers are plagued by episodes of intense heat. The body reacts to the changes in the body with sweating and other symptoms.

We show you whether hot flashes during pregnancy can be dangerous for the baby and what helps against the intense heat.

How Do Hot Flashes Occur In Expectant Mothers?

Pregnant women do not only suffer from sweating in summer. Hot feet, sweating attacks and hot flashes are the body’s reaction to the increased metabolism during pregnancy, and at any time of year. As pregnancy progresses, the female body and its organism work harder to provide adequate care not only for itself but also for the baby.

In addition, the hormones that are emitted during pregnancy also ensure that the vessels and tissues are loosened and there is more blood in the female body. By the end of pregnancy, the mother’s blood volume increases to over 50%. It is a feat for the body to circulate this blood through the body. This creates more heat and causes hot flashes during pregnancy. But with simple tips you can get refreshment or a little cooling.

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What Helps Against Hot Flashes in Pregnancy?

Hot flashes during pregnancy, although very unpleasant for the expectant mother, are completely normal and by no means dangerous for the baby. Especially women who are pregnant in the hot months of the year usually suffer very badly. Most often they manifest themselves not only by sweating, but also by very heavily sweating feet. You can not completely prevent the suffering, but you can cool down and significantly improve your well-being by resorting to simple tips.

Due to the heavy sweating that occurs as a result of hot flashes, you lose a lot of fluid. Therefore, drink a lot and more than two liters of fluid daily. Teas and water are particularly suitable, as well as fruit spritzers. But remember, if the drinks are very high in calories, you also take on extra weight. Therefore, resort to sugar-free drinks and less on pure fruit juices.

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Home Remedies For Hot Flashes During Pregnancy

You can help your skin breathe with breathable clothing made of cotton or linen. With cold water, you can quickly refresh yourself in between and fight against hot flashes. Just holding your wrists under running cold water for a few moments helps against hot flashes. You can soothe burning feet with a cooling footbath, and cool down nighttime hot flashes with a bowl of water and a hand washcloth right next to your bed

On the go, a spray bottle and also a mini fan creates cooling. Moisturizing wipes should also always be in your bag, which you can use to freshen up on the go. Cooling gels or ointments stored in the refrigerator can bring refreshment. Spread on the face, neck, wrists and feet, these will quickly bring refreshment. Avoid sitting directly in the sun and ventilate your bedroom well before going to bed. Many women like to go swimming during their pregnancy

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Especially on hot days, this can be very enjoyable and brings many other benefits including the all-important exercise and relaxation during pregnancy. By floating in the water, you also relieve some discomfort that can plague you during pregnancy. Also a day at the lake or eating ice cream with girlfriends, will bring you some refreshment and joy on a beautiful day.

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