How To Decorate For Christmas On A Budget

Christmas is right around the corner and that means it’s time to decorate for Christmas on a budget. If you were to head to the store right now to purchase Christmas decorations, you would pay quite a bit. You don’t need to spend a lot on Christmas decorations. Here are several tips to help you decorate for Christmas on a budget.

Decorate For Christmas On A Budget - You don’t need to spend a lot on Christmas decorations. Here are several tips to help you decorate for Christmas on a budget.

8 Tips To Decorate For Christmas On A Budget

Make a Few Christmas Decorations Yourself

Thanks to Pinterest, there are so many options for creating your own Christmas decorations. You can make something as simple as popcorn garland or something as complicated as holiday wine bottle décor. With a little imagination, you can really make some awesome DIY Christmas decorations.

Here are a few great Christmas Decoration DIY projects:

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Head to the Dollar Tree

Some things at the Dollar Tree are really worth looking at. Everything at the Dollar Tree is a dollar, but there is also a large selection of items. You could go with a certain Christmas décor theme, or you could mix things up by mix matching décor.

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Look for Hand-Me Downs

Yes, hand me downs come in the form of Christmas decorations. And these types of decorations are perfect for someone who is on a budget. Ask your mom, dad, or grandparents if you can go through their old holiday décor. They have probably collected many items over the years and are ready to part with them.

Second Hand Stores

Let’s face it, people get rid of some really cool stuff and send it to second hand stores. You can save a ton of money by shopping second hand stores for Christmas décor. Although some things might look worn, you can easily spice it up with a little bit of paint.

Online Shopping

You may not have considered what you can purchase online in terms of holiday décor, but there are plenty of options. Amazon and eBay are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding holiday décor that you’ll love. Elephant Stock has great Christmas wall art and offers a discount code to new subscribers.

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Always Buy After Season

If you’re concerned about your holiday décor stash, wait until the season is over and then stock up. Stores are pretty much handing out items after the holiday season is over. Don’t be afraid to stock up on various Christmas décor items after the season is over. Although you may have to wait a little longer, saving over 75% can totally be worth the wait.

Have a Budget in Mind

Another way to decorate for Christmas while on a budget is to actually create a budget. Give yourself xx amount of dollars to get everything you need for decorating. Put the money in an envelope and once you run out, you have to stop shopping.

Involve the Kids

Kids always come home from school or daycare with holiday artwork. Use their artwork to decorate for the holiday. This will absolutely LOVE the attention and the fact that you are appreciating their hard work and talent.

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Sell Your Old Decorations

Before each Christmas, go through your decorations. Is there anything that has past its prime or perhaps you just don’t like any more? Sell your unwanted Christmas decorations on Facebook Marketplace and then use that money to buy new decorations.

More ways to prepare for an amazing Christmas:

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What are some of your best tips for decorating for Christmas on a budget? Leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “How To Decorate For Christmas On A Budget”

  1. These are great suggestions! These are all things I have learned to do over the years. The best thing for me is to buy a little at a time at the Dollar Tree or thrift stores leading up to Thanksgiving so its dollars at a time that I am spending. That way I don’t end up with buyer’s guilt.

    • Exactly! It feels a lot different too, to spend $5 here or there then to drop a hundred on decorations all at once! I would feel like that is such a waste after the holiday.

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