Ideas For The Children’s Birthday Party

The children’s birthday often presents parents with a challenge. You want to offer the little ones an unforgettable day. But you don’t want to spend a lot of money on entrance fees and activities either! Children can be entertained with simple means and experience the best birthday with their friends. Here you can find out how to plan, what is suitable for your child and what options are available!

Preliminary Considerations

First, decide how many guests your child’s birthday party will have. Pay attention to the age of the little ones and adapt the party to their needs. If the guests are under 3, a scavenger hunt will be difficult.

Now decide where you might spend the day. Indoors or outdoors? Depending on the budget and weather conditions, locations for the children’s birthday party can be, for example, zoo, forest, farm, rented location or simply at home. Depending on where you are celebrating, you may need to arrange for additional chaperones. If you decide to meet at your home and then go to another place, organize enough cars and child seats.

Theme parties are actually always popular and fascinating. If the theme party is well thought out, children can immerse themselves in another world. Because what children have ahead of adults is their wonderful imagination.

For example, you can send the kids to extinguish fires as fearless firemen and women, rule over the kingdom as princesses and princes, save the world as superheroes or find the precious treasure as pirates.


Theme Parties For Children’s Birthday Parties

Whether invitation card, decoration, food or games: The children’s birthday party must be well planned, so as not to fall into chaos or boredom. Theme parties are an excellent way to open up a new world for the kids. Here are some suggestions with tips for the perfect children’s birthday party.

  1. Pirates

Pirates, who fearlessly and unpredictably sail the oceans, have fascinated children ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Decorate your garden or room with skull and crossbones flags, ship sails and pirate balloons. You can hand out sabers, eye patches, headscarves and hats.

You can design the cake as a treasure chest or ship and cupcakes in skull look. There are also balloons and napkins in a special pirate look. For buffets, finger food in ship or anchor shapes is a good idea. Fish sticks pick up the sea theme here.

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A scavenger hunt is the perfect entertainment. You can find all the tips for treasure hunts below.

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  1. Middle Ages

With brave knights, mighty kings and princesses, the Middle Ages offer plenty of variety and possibilities. Dragons and castles may not be missing there of course!

As decoration, coats of arms that can be attached to the chairs are ideal. The children can also make these themselves beforehand. If the children don’t come dressed up from the start, castle ladies can make hats, knights can make swords and kings can make crowns out of cardboard, glitter and scarves.

Baking molds make it fairly easy to make cakes look like castles or dragons. There are also muffin and cookie molds with a dragon look. This can also be customized with green food coloring or sugar glaze. For dinner, chicken thighs eaten with your fingers are a must for real knights. With some dragon’s blood (tomato or cherry juice), the party is well fed.

Games And Activities

Tournament games, which are part of the king’s birthday, can be filled, for example, “horse races” (2 children forming a team of rider and horse) and sword fights with inflatable swords or balloons. Certificates confirming knighthood or small leather pouches with chocolate gold coins can serve as souvenirs.

  1. Detective

Whether TKKG, Sherlock Holmes or the three question marks: Detectives and their mysterious cases have fascinated children for decades. Equipped with detective hats, magnifying glasses and glasses with noses, the little ones certainly like to puzzle even more.

Invitations in magnifying glass shapes with fingerprints are quickly crafted. You can also decorate everything in magnifying glass, binocular and also trace optics (e.g. footprints).

Games And Activities

Detective-themed games are easy to implement and focus on children’s sensory perceptions. You can sell this as preparation or training for detective work.

“Look closely”: Various items (preferably a magnifying glass, notepad, pen, camera, binoculars, tweezers, etc.) are placed on a table. Fewer things are used with younger guests than with older ones. The children look at the objects and try to memorize them. Now all detectives must close their eyes. The game leader hides an object, for example, under the table. Now he gives a command and the children have to find out which object is missing.

“Listen”: The detectives close their eyes again. The game leader makes a sound (e.g., clattering dishes, closing the door, tearing paper, ringing a bell) that must be guessed.

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“What’s that smell”: different foods are each put into a cup and covered with a cloth. The smelling cups are now placed on a tray and the children have to guess what is in them by smelling. Cinnamon, various pieces of fruit, chocolate, or lemons work well.

“What do you feel”: Objects are felt in a basket or a bag. It is a good idea to let each child individually feel their own object. This also gives quieter children a chance to respond. Spoons, pieces of money, gloves or marbles are perfect.

“What tastes like this”: Here, too, each child can be asked individually. One after the other, the detectives are given something to put in their mouths with their eyes closed. A piece of chocolate, apple, cookie, or a gummy bear are all good choices here.

Once all the children have completed the preparation for detective work, they are awarded the title of master detective and, in the best case, receive their own detective badge!

  1. Indians

Whether boy or girl, big or small: Indian parties remain a popular theme. Cards in the form of tents that can be unfolded or brightly painted torture stakes made of empty toilet or kitchen rolls with a letter stuck in them are suitable invitations.

Decorating options abound with this theme. With feathers, colorful face painting, teepees, cardboard horses, drums and headdresses, children can immerse themselves in the world of the Indians.

Muffins, cakes or marshmallows – everything can be adapted to the Indian design. In the evening, making your own stick bread over a fireplace is a real highlight.

  1. Princesses

You can make invitation cards in the shape of a castle. Cliché-like you decorate everything in pink. Equipped with scarves, crowns and scepters, nothing stands in the way of a girl’s dream.

In addition to pink raspberry puree or muffins, a refreshing princess punch made of juices can be served.

Games can be, for example, “Dance of the princess”. In this, the children stand one behind the other. The music starts and the foremost princess indicates how to dance to it. Now all the others move in the same way until the music stops. The first princess moves to the end of the line. When the music starts again, the new first child in the row gives the movement.

Games And Activities

“The Grim King” is an interactive participatory story. For this, you distribute the following roles among the guests:

  1. The grim king who always says “grrr”.
  2. The daughter with the sniffles, who goes “Hatscot”.
  3. The daughter who looked like a witch, who also laughs like one “he he he”.
  4. The youngest daughter who is beautiful and always says “ohlala”.
  5. The young prince who shouts “a-ha”.
  6. The horses (several players), who imitates the sound of horses pattering.
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Now the game leader reads the story. If his role is mentioned, the teammate must make the corresponding sound. The narrator then takes a short break from reading. Download the story The Grim King here for free.


Scavenger Hunt

There are games that remain timeless. A scavenger hunt or treasure hunt is definitely one of them. It can be organized in all variations for hunters of any age and any motto. In the search for clues and solutions, the children not only get closer to the treasure chest. The team-building tasks weld the group closer together. By walking the route, the little ones get plenty of exercise in the fresh air. In addition, the scavenger hunt for the children’s birthday party is easy and inexpensive to organize.


So that quieter children do not get lost in the crowd, the groups should consist of about 4-5 children. If the birthday is larger, divide the children into small groups. Depending on the age of the children, adjust the running routes. Keep in mind the physical conditions of the youngest guest.

Where should the scavenger hunt take place? Fields and forests are particularly suitable for this. There is already a lot to discover there. Especially in summer, forests offer cool shade, fresh air and no traffic. You can mark trees and bushes with chalk, masking tape or flutter tape and hide clues in wood and thickets. If you have a higher budget, you can also move the scavenger hunt to the zoo. The zoo offers a lot to see, and a treasure hunt is the cherry on top of the cake. Housing estates are just as suitable. If your village is not too big, you can lead them across the village. Searches in the house or apartment also work. Your storytelling skills are especially important here. If you package this in an exciting way, you can simulate a whole world trip with several rooms.

Think about a creative start. Sentences like “Come on kids, we’re going to do a scavenger hunt” are rather to be avoided. You could, for example, draw a treasure map on the back of the invitations. Or the birthday child receives a mysterious message in a bottle, in which the group is asked to look for the treasure.

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The treasure! You can simply make the treasure out of a shoebox. Stick gold foil on the box. You can get this either in craft stores or get a warming blanket at the pharmacy. You can also often find old chests or suitcases at flea markets. Gold coins, small candies, bracelets or toys are easily themed and are sure to please treasure hunters. Gadgets like compasses, magnifying glasses or flashlights can be integrated.


Once you have hidden the treasure, prepared the stations along the way, and the children are ready to start, the hunt can begin. It is best if at least one adult walks with the children.

Often there are children who do not give quieter children the opportunity to respond. Therefore, take turns reading aloud or writing the riddle questions on cards and distributing them equally to each child.

A good way to end the treasure hunt back at home is to give out part of a treasure map at each station with a solved riddle. At the last station there is then the last piece of the treasure map. Here then the garden at home can be marked with a thick red cross. This way you can also make sure that neither animal nor human is tampering with the delicious treasure.

Especially popular: Combine the theme party with the treasure hunt!

Tasks For The Scavenger Hunt (To Be Coordinated According To Age And Location):

  1. What color is the mailbox of house no.xy? (A friendly neighbor can be helpful here. You can then put the next clue or the next part of the treasure map on the mailbox)
  2. Which numbers do you find on the lantern in front of the bakery?
  3. You have to buy rolls on Sunday morning and take the bus. At 09:12 you are standing at the bus stop. How long do you have to wait?
  4. I am high and steep. You can find me made of wood in the forest, at the edge of the forest and in the fields. You have to climb me, but I’m happy to help you. Once you are on top, you can not only settle down comfortably, but you also have a sublime view. What am I?
  5. Feel all the objects in the sack with your fingertip.
  6. Find 3 fruits of different trees and bushes (pine cones, acorns, chestnuts,…)
  7. Discover 3 animals and identify them.
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