Important Election In Israel

Israel is a state in Asia that has existed only since 1947. If you look at a map, the image of Israel will remind you of a long strip. This country is located on the Mediterranean Sea. There are about 8 million people living in Israel, about ten times less than in Germany. These people had to make an important choice last Tuesday. In an election, they had to decide what kind of a Parliament they want to have in the future. The Israelis chose the party of Benjamin Netanyahu. In doing so, they chose the party that had been in power before.

Right-Wing Or Left-Wing Politics

For the people of Israel, most of whom belong to the religion of the Judaism religion, there were two major parties to choose from, one left party and one right-wing party. In the election, the parliament was elected, that is, the assembly of politicians who will govern Israel in the future. The Parliament is called Knesset in Israel because that is where the people speak Hebrew, one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn.
In Israel, there is always something like war, because right next to Israel live the Palestinian who also want a piece of Israel. Before the state of Israel was given to the Jews to live in, it belonged mostly to the Palestinians. Many Palestinians were expelled or fled in 1947. They have a different religion, Islam and they don’t like the Jews very much because they say they took the land away from them.

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What Will The New Government Be Like?

The new government of Israel is the same as the old one that ruled before. German and American politicians want the people of Israel and the Palestinians to live peacefully together, and that’s why the election was so important for them. Because many politicians from other countries, including German politicians do not believe that Benjamin Netanyahu really wants to make peace with the Palestinians. Netanyahu has been the prime minister of Israel for almost 20 years. The fighting with the Palestinians has not stopped in that time.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Asia is one of the 7 continents of the world.

Parliaments are assemblies of politicians who have to make important decisions.

Israelis are called the people who live in Israel.

Palestinians are the people who used to live in the state of Israel.

Israel’s right-wing party wants to work with Netanyahu and doesn’t like the Palestinians.

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Israel’s left-wing party is committed to peace with the Palestinians but lost the election.

Hebrew is the language of the people in Israel.

Islam is the religion of the Palestinians, their God is called Allah.

The Jews >believe in the same God as we Germans and worship Jesus.

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