Interview – Nadine Beermann About Her Online Birth Preparation Course

With her online childbirth preparation course, Nadine Beermann accompanies pregnant women during this exciting phase leading up to the birth. The midwife impresses with her sensitivity and wealth of experience. We wanted to know how the idea of the online courses came about and how she prepares expectant mothers for the upcoming event. That’s why we invited Ms. Beermann for an interview.

1. Why Did You Become A Midwife?

To be honest, this wasn’t my first career choice at all – I first trained as a bank clerk and even worked in a bank afterward. But I quickly realized that working with numbers didn’t really fill my life with meaning. To accompany someone who is bringing a new life into this world, to help her master this task well, and to give her courage in this new situation – that is something in which I really see the meaning. Profession becomes a real vocation here.

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2. What Do You Love Most About Your Work?

Pregnancy and birth are always real miracles. In my time as a midwife, I have worked in various clinics and delivered more than 1,000 babies. The moment when parents see their baby for the first time and take it in their arms is always indescribable and always gives you goosebumps. At the moment, I am focusing my own midwifery practice on accompanying pregnant women before and after birth – as well as my online courses for pregnant women and new moms.

3. How Did You Come To Offer An Online Preparation Course?

Many pregnant women today no longer have the opportunity to take part in a “classic” course on site. Either because there are no offers in the vicinity or because the courses take place at times that are not compatible with the often stressful everyday life. Some pregnant women are prescribed bed rest by their doctor, or their partner, who would like to attend the course, is away at work a lot. With my online course, every pregnant woman now has the opportunity to take part in a childbirth preparation course – exactly when and where it suits her best.

Nadine Beermanns Geburtsvorbereitungskurs
Nadine Beermann’s childbirth preparation course

4. Why Should Expectant Mothers Take A Childbirth Preparation Class?

Pregnancy is an incredibly beautiful and important time in life for us women. And yet, the uncertainty and newness always make us feel a little uneasy. With my course, I give pregnant women the necessary tools to become more confident, secure, and relaxed during pregnancy and delivery.

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5. From Which Week Of Pregnancy Can One Participate?

There is actually no such thing as “too early”. The sooner a pregnant woman deals with the topics in the course, the more time she has to internalize everything important and deal intensively with particularly interesting topics. Since many babies are born before the expected delivery date, it is advisable to have completed the childbirth preparation course by about the 36th week.

6. Who Is The Course Suitable For?

My course is perfect for all expectant moms and dads who want to give their babies a great start in life. This is because the baby already has a sense in the womb of how the mommy is doing physically and emotionally. If the mom is permanently insecure, nervous, or excessively worried, pregnancy can be a real pain in the neck. If, on the other hand, you deal positively with the important issues surrounding the birth, can rely on tried-and-tested advice and tips, and learn to deal with the physical and emotional changes, you will be much more relaxed about the birth. By the way, dads can also be important support during pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period. Their tasks will also be discussed in the course.

7. Does The Online Course Replace The Normal Childbirth Preparation Course, Or Does It Complement It?

It can do both. If you prepare for birth with my online course, you can be sure that all the relevant topics relating to pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period will be covered comprehensively. If there are still questions after a normal course, if the desired content was not discussed in sufficient detail, and if there is a desire for even more intensive information – then the online childbirth preparation course is a good supplement.

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8. What Are The Contents Of The Online Birth Preparation Course?

Phew, that’s so much – I can’t even list it all here. Basically, it’s about getting your body and mind ready for pregnancy and the upcoming delivery. For example, we talk a lot about the physical processes during pregnancy and childbirth. I show you which exercises you can do to make the birth easier, how you can deal with birth pain, and how unimagined forces are released during birth. In addition, we do fitness training especially for pregnant women, I give nutrition tips and lots of good advice and suggestions from my daily work as a midwife. With all topics, it is always very important to me that the course participants leave the course strengthened and have all the necessary information to be able to make their decisions confidently.

Nutrition Tips[/caption ]Ernährungstipps

9. Do Participants Need Special Equipment For Childbirth Classes?

No, nothing really exotic. A cherry pit pillow, an exercise ball and possibly an exercise mat will suffice.

10. Do You Do The Course Alone Or Can You Include Your Partner?

Many topics in the course are also very important for the partner, after all, he is also somewhat “pregnant”. He can and should be a great help to his partner during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, but for this he also needs to know about it – he learns this in the course.

11. Are There Any Disadvantages For The Participants Due To The Lack Of Personal Support?

Of course, the course is not intended as a substitute for any care the pregnant woman might receive from a midwife. Preventive examinations and aftercare by a midwife are particularly important for women and should definitely be taken advantage of.

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12. What Are The Experiences Of Course Participants?

At first, I was skeptical about whether my “classic” childbirth preparation course could even be implemented as an online course and whether pregnant women would even want to take advantage of such an offer. However, within a short period of time, so many pregnant women decided to take part in the course and gave such great feedback that I am sure I have created a super valuable offer with the course.

13. And Finally: Can You Give Readers A Tip For A Pleasant Pregnancy?

Consider the time of pregnancy as something wonderful, in which you are doing something incredibly valuable, namely creating a new life. Don’t let everyone tell you how bad the pregnancy and birth went from others. Don’t always listen to what can go wrong now, don’t take every “great advice” to heart. Don’t blindly trust everything you read on Google, pregnancy forums, or Facebook groups. Look for really solid information that will allow you to make your decisions about pregnancy and your baby safely and with a good feeling. And then take it down a notch, take time out from your daily routine and just enjoy your growing belly.

Relax with a childbirth class

Thank you for the great interview and helpful information!

We have tested the birth preparation course for you. Read our conclusion now!

Click here to go to Ms. Biermann’s birth preparation course.

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