Is A Low Carb Diet Taboo During Pregnancy?

Especially during pregnancy there are many changes and as an expectant mother, you are often not sure what is good for your own child or not. It should be clear to everyone that alcohol, cigarettes, and raw fish are taboo during pregnancy.

But what about the rest of the diet? What should one pay attention to during pregnancy in order to provide the unborn child with the best possible supply of all nutrients?

Of course, you should eat a balanced and, above all, healthy diet. But what about the different dietary options? In addition to a vegetarian or even vegan lifestyle, more and more people are eating a low carb diet.

Many people will shake their heads directly here and say that it is essential to provide yourself with enough energy, especially during pregnancy, and therefore should not switch to low carbohydrate meals under any circumstances.

Can Low Carb Be Dangerous For The Baby?

The answer, as so often, is not very clear, because it always depends on how you eat. Eating without carbohydrates is certainly not advisable in pregnancy. This would describe a concept called No Carb. Depending on how one’s own body reacts, it can then also be the case that the body’s own functions are reduced to a minimum.

That can be quite harmful to the development of an unborn child if the nutrition represents too large a load for the own body. However, if you do not completely forgo carbohydrates, but replace them in part with delicious recipes that are rich in protein and fat, you can feed your baby and yourself well.

Ultimately, it is important to eat a certain amount of complex carbohydrates, but by no means to omit them completely. The term low carb should therefore be taken seriously.

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It is also important to know that carbohydrates are not the only source of energy. If you know good recipes and follow a well-thought-out diet plan, you will not harm your baby.

The Low Carb Concept By Benjamin Oltmann

Often a conventional Low Carb nutrition in pregnancy is rightly felt as too strict. Does the nutritional concept of Benjamin Oltmann offer a good alternative? According to his method, one not only tries to reduce carbohydrates in order to benefit from the advantages of a low-carbohydrate diet, but first and foremost attaches great importance to delicious, healthy and balanced meals.

With his concept, regular meals can also be arranged very well, which are particularly important during pregnancy. Also nobody must accept large renunciations. In his recipes he finds a delicious alternative for everything.

Even if you decide as a beginner only in pregnancy for a low carb diet, this is basically no problem, because Benny’s concept provides detailed explanations, which are easy to understand even for beginners. A big advantage is the numerous delicious recipe ideas for every time of day.

So you do not have to think about it yourself, but only by the necessary ingredients to be able to cook something tasty. However, women should not aim to lose weight during pregnancy. After pregnancy, however, this looks different.

During pregnancy, it is advisable to discuss a change in diet in advance with a gynecologist. While in the first weeks of pregnancy it is not necessary to eat for two, as is generally known, the daily calorie intake should, however, be increased somewhat from the second tertiary.

Dietary Rules Of The Low Carb Concept

According to Oltmann’s concept, you can eat as freely as possible, provided you follow certain rules. No specific recipes are prescribed, he simply provides a wide range of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from which you can draw inspiration.

Oltmann knows how difficult the low carb diet is for many people at the beginning, which is why he wants to completely avoid cravings with his concept. For its concept speaks that it tested its method at its own body and with it, very good results without the feared Jojo effect could obtain. The members of his program could also achieve very good results.

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The idea behind Benny’s concept is that you can eat whatever you want in the morning and even the carbohydrates do not play a role here yet. This is to enable a good start to the day. However, the meal must not weigh more than 300g in total. Of course, attention should be paid to a balanced and at the same time delicious diet. Again, his recipes give any idea of what to eat in the morning.

For lunch, again, it should be no more than 300g on the whole plate, but this time it should be no more than 30g of carbohydrates. If you follow his recipes, you automatically meet the requirements.

If you cook something yourself, then you should track the food to know exactly how many carbohydrates you have already eaten. You will quickly notice that with 300g you can fill a plate with a decent portion if you eat a balanced diet.

In the evening, the 300g per meal should also not be exceeded. Now, the serving should not contain more than 10g of carbohydrates. Here the recipes of Benjamin Oltmann are particularly interesting if one would like to nourish oneself nevertheless tasty and varied.

Delicious Recipes With Low Carb

Many people shy away from cooking low carb because they don’t know which recipes are even low carb and still taste good. The biggest problem is that people often don’t know the delicious alternatives.

Oltmann gives with the purchase of its program, therefore, a multiplicity of leckerer prescription ideas in addition. The focus is on cooking as normally as possible and simply supplementing the carbohydrate-containing foods with others that contain proteins and healthy fats.

For example, many people are bothered by the fact that they are not allowed to eat bread or rolls in their diet. For many Germans, however, a good breakfast and dinner include a tasty slice of bread. Thanks to the clear limits in the program one may permit oneself however quite a tasty slice of bread in the morning, even if this contains possibly many coal hydrates.

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If it may also be a bread in the evening, Benny’s delicious low carb bread comes into question. If you do not know what ingredients are contained in the bread, you do not even suspect that it is a bread with few carbohydrates. It is definitely worth a try and Oltmann has already been able to convince many people with his recipes.

Through the variety of his recipes for different meals, he creates a good basis where everyone should find something suitable.

What Additional Weight Loss Tips Does Oltmann Give?

Oltmann does not want to sell you a concept in which unrealistic promises are made. Thus it says openly that it can become quite heavy the first time. One is to realize oneself, what one would like to reach and why one pulls through a Low Carb Diät.

Behind it a completely natural behavior of the own body is. This has so far always gotten as much as he wanted and often did not have to get used to certain times. That is to change with its concept. Thus according to Oltmann regularity is very important in the meals, in order to be able to accustom the body to a rhythm.

In order to be able to start well into the day, something is to be eaten at the latest half an hour after getting up. In this way, one prevents the great hunger from developing, which can then unfortunately quickly lead to ravenous appetite attacks.

To start the day with energy and a positive mood, you should prepare a delicious breakfast that keeps you full for a long time. In addition, you look forward to breakfast again every day.

Oltmann also considers it important to drink enough water. Many people drink too little and thus develop an increased feeling of hunger. Drinking reduces appetite, which is why about 400 ml of water should be drunk before each meal.

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In addition, the interval between meals is crucial. At best, this should be around four hours, so that the body can rest a little in the meantime. If one has hunger nevertheless once, one should reach best first to a cup of tea or black coffee, in order to drive the hunger away thereby.

But Oltmann also says that the body adapts and the feeling of hunger will become much less with time.

Low Carb After Pregnancy

The diet is for the months after pregnancy to be very suitable if you want to get rid of excess pounds quickly. By eating a balanced diet, you do not harm the child while breastfeeding. Here, too, many new mothers worry. Because especially during the breastfeeding period, the effect of one’s own diet is still very much transferred to one’s own child, which is why one should be careful.

With Benny’s concept, however, you don’t have to worry, especially if you follow his recipes. These always make sure that all-important nutrients are supplied in sufficient quantities. This allows not only good nutrition for your own body but additionally for the child.

Due to the very balanced diet with lots of vegetables and other important nutrients, the body does not necessarily need carbohydrates, which is why the child will not suffer any harm. Especially during the breastfeeding period, however, it is very important to pay attention to your own diet, as this directly affects the child through the milk as well.

Low carb does not stand in the way of a child growing up healthy, as long as you stick to Oltmann’s concept. A too radical renunciation of all carbohydrates would not make sense here.

Basically, therefore, low carb is not only suitable for losing weight, but as a permanent way of life in all life situations. Benjamin Oltmann’s concept simply always fits.

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