Is Adoption Right For You?

Adopting a child means the fulfillment of a dream for many couples.
The dream of a family, which until now could not be realized naturally. But adoption is also a long process that takes a lot of patience and time. On average, there are up to ten possible applicants for every child.
A waiting period of years can be the result.

Question Your Own Motivation

Adopting someone else’s child and the responsibility that comes with it should be thoroughly considered. Before you make a decision, you should answer some questions for yourself.

  • Have you already finished with the thought of having a biological child?
  • Are you willing to invest a lot of time and put your career on hold?
  • Do you and your partner both want the adoption?
  • Can you live with the fact that your child will eventually seek contact with his or her birth parents?
  • Are you willing to inform your child about his or her origins later on?
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Requirements For Adoption

Your Age

In order for you to adopt a child, you, or your partner, must be at least 25 years old. The other spouse must be at least 21 years old.
You should have been married for at least two years to ensure a stable environment. If you are not married, only one of you can adopt. The age gap with the child should not be more than 40 years, there is no age limit. However, after 40 the chance of having the desired child decreases.

Financial Situation:

In addition to physical and mental health, you should also be financially secure. This includes a fixed income and sufficient living space.

Consent Of The Birth Parents:

In an open form of adoption, this must be wanted by both sides.

Good To Know:

Since 1.10.17, same-sex couples can also adopt children if they meet the requirements.

The Decision

If you have decided to adopt, you should first choose a suitable adoption agency. The youth welfare office, but also an independent agency, is the right contact. You can also consider adopting a child from abroad.
In any case, you should consider whether you would also adopt an older child or one with medical conditions. The chances of having your desired child are better that way. However, your wishes are secondary, since parents are ultimately sought for children and not the other way around.

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If you meet the formal requirements, there will be a varying number of interviews and home visits, depending on the placement agency. Of course, other documents are also required, such as a police clearance certificate, birth and marriage certificates, and detailed resumes. The aptitude test procedure has begun.

The Big Wait

Depending on the requirements for the intended child, the waiting period may vary. During this time, many placement agencies offer seminars to prepare you for the time ahead. If you are found to be a suitable applicant, the youth welfare office will soon contact you and introduce you to a suitable child.
In doing so, they do not proceed strictly by waiting list but look for suitable parents for a child. If you decide to accept the child, the adoption will only become valid after an appropriate trial period with the child has been completed.

The First Time As A Threesome

After the long-awaited call from the youth welfare office, nothing stands in the way of family happiness. In the first year, the parents and the child have time to get to know each other. Only after this period of acclimatization is it possible to finally adopt the child. Before that, you have the status of a foster family, so the birth parents retain their rights. If you adopt a child from abroad, the settling-in period may be shorter. But here, too, you should contact the local youth welfare office.

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They Are Now A Family

Growing into a family takes time. The new little person in your life must first get used to the new environment. He has already experienced the break with his original family and must first gain deeper trust.
If there are difficulties, you can turn to the Youth Welfare Office and if there are, do not despair.
There are problems in other families as well.

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