IS Carries Out Several Suicide Attacks In Northern Iraq – One Bomber Is German

The Terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) carried out several suicide attacks in northern Iraq over the weekend, killing at least 11 people. Among the Assassins iS said one of them was German.

The Terrorist Militia Islamic State (IS)

The IS is regarded by most countries in the world as a Terrorist group regarded as a terrorist group. The goal of the IS is to establish a so-called state of God. The members of the IS repeatedly carry out explosive attacks in many countries and participate in civil wars. When it was founded in 2006, the IS was still called ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), but since the areas in northern Iraq and Syria were conquered by the IS, it has only been called IS (Islamic State) since 2014. Since 2006, thousands of people have been killed by IS, many of whom were women and children. The international community, under the leadership of the United States, has managed to drive the IS out of some cities in northern Iraq, but new IS fighters continue to arrive, most of them from Iraq and Syria, although some even come from Germany.

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A German Assassin Carried Out The Suicide Attack In Iraq

The attacks in Iraq killed 11 people and injured at least 27 over the weekend. In the attacks, IS militants parked four cars loaded with explosives in busy squares in northern Iraqi cities and then blew themselves up along with the car. One of the Suicide bombers IS said to be a German. He is said to go by the name Abu Ibrahim Al-Almani. Sadly, many young German men are persuaded by the promises of the IS and follow the terrorists to their deaths.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

A Terror militia is an organization that is armed like an army and whose goal is to kill innocent people.

An Assassin is a person who kills other people.

A Terror association is a group of terrorists, most of whom can be active all over the world, carrying out attacks and assassinations everywhere. The best-known terrorist group is Al-Qaeda (pronounced “Al-Qaeda”), which is responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, killing 3,000 people.

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A Suicide bomber is someone who blows himself up in order to kill other people as well.

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