Is It Possible To Avoid Stretch Marks?

A clear No. Stretch marks can not be avoided during pregnancy. Don’t let yourself be talked into it by overpriced care products either, but prevent them naturally and with good care. This will not prevent all stretch marks, but you can help your skin grow and thus reduce the stretch marks. Stretch marks are not only noticeable on the abdomen, but also on the breasts, buttocks, hips and thighs. Due to the rapid weight gain during pregnancy, the skin grows too fast and so stretch marks appear. In the beginning, they are slightly pink to dark red and will fade and shimmer silvery after pregnancy. However, with some tips you can support your skin and reduce stretch marks.

Stretch Marks: Does Every Woman Get Them?

In most cases, stretch marks come from rapid weight gain. Especially women who hardly pay attention to their eating habits during pregnancy can be severely affected. Women who already had stretch marks before pregnancy will usually not get past them during pregnancy. For some women, the stripes also become noticeable only at the end of pregnancy, despite extensive care and a healthy diet. But you can control your weight gain with a healthy diet. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid fatty and unhealthy foods. Also, take care of your skin with creams, oils or lotions in a supportive way.

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Stretch Marks: Skin Care Is Important

Whether you use an oil, cream or lotion for your skin care is entirely up to you. You can get good and inexpensive care products for pregnant skin in drugstores and also in pharmacies. Especially women with very sensitive skin should rely on professional advice from a beautician or a pharmacy. Get into the habit of taking extensive care of your skin right from the start. It is best to make it a fixed habit, such as right after showering in the morning or in the evening before going to bed. It is also recommended to additionally use a massage brush or plucking brush to better massage the cream or oil into the skin. By massaging, you promote blood circulation in the skin and thus it stretches more easily. By the way: Well cared skin develops back better after pregnancy. One more reason for intensive skin care. Take care not only of your belly, but of your entire body. Do not leave out any spot. Oil is not absorbed as quickly, this should be considered. If you apply cream before going to bed, the oil can quickly stick to the bed linen and stick. Creams and lotions can also not be absorbed quickly in some cases. Often, the only thing that helps here is trial and error and making your own experiences to find the best skin care product for you. Skin that grows too quickly can also itch. Do not scratch. Take a short cool shower and then apply a rich cream to the abdomen or other itchy areas of the skin.

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Small tip: Put the cream before in the refrigerator and avoid cooling lotions. In most cases, these contain alcohol and this dries out the skin very quickly and the itching immediately reappears.

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