It Doesn’t Always Have To Be New – Secondhand Is Also Great

Classic flea markets, second-hand stores or even online portals such as ebay or medimops are in vogue. It’s “in” to buy things secondhand. And to give them away

Because time and again, gifts quickly end up on the shelf, where they gather dust over time. But that doesn’t have to be the case! After all, you can also give your family second-hand gifts. These are not only cheaper, but also sustainable.

Giving Second-hand Things As Gifts Is In Fashion

Gifts are part of Christmas – no question about it. Every year anew we think about what to give our loved ones. On the Internet, we search for suitable tips for nice gifts and often completely forget that Christmas is not only a celebration of giving gifts.

Especially during the Christmas season, consumerism is always in abundance. German citizens spend an average of 270 euros on Christmas gifts. And that’s per capita. Often for things that are not actually needed. That does not have to be

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Also used things prepare the dearest ones joy. For example, a beautiful used book from medimops. But toys, clothes or other products are not worse just because they are secondhand instead of new. Or simply give away a voucher – then the presentee can buy himself what he really needs.

gebrauchte Bücher
Used books also make excellent gifts.

When giving is only consumption Unfortunately, giving someone a gift always means consumption. Whether it’s new clothes, toys, books or other things – they initially cost money. But not only that. Vast amounts of raw materials and energy are also consumed. For production, transport and storage. That doesn’t make sense. And it’s not climate-friendly either.

Actually, the point of giving gifts should be to make others happy. And that can be done in a sustainable and climate-friendly way. So less is often more, and even used gifts generate enthusiasm.

Active Climate Protection And Sustainability In Action – Possible With Second-hand Gifts

Used things are not worse than new ones. After all, it is child’s play to wash clothes or clean toys. Children in particular are certainly no less happy if a doll’s bed or knight’s castle has already been used by another child. Also the pretty vase or the exciting novel do not become less beautiful, only because they were already used.

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Anyone who gives used things as gifts can actively do something for climate protection and live sustainability. Using things for a long time and then passing them on is a sign of appreciation. And it is an important contribution to active environmental and climate protection.

Second-hand Purchases Have Several Advantages

The thought of buying things second-hand from strangers can seem a little alienating. Then it is advisable to go to local bazaars and flea markets. Here a first impression can be gained

After all, knowing the origin of the goods brings confidence. Especially with used clothing, but also with all other items such as toys or books, the condition can be examined closely.

A big advantage of buying things used: You save money. And quite a lot. The quality of the goods is also good – often even better. Because high-quality and well processed products are correspondingly durable

Brand-name products such as clothing and bicycles, bound books or even furniture made of solid wood are sold in perfect condition – but usually only at a fraction of the new price. But the Secondhand trend has other advantages as well:

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1. Secondhand Stands For Individuality

Anyone who buys goods “off the rack” lacks one thing above all: individuality. This is not only true for fashion. Furniture and even toys can also be individual. It is certainly a challenge to find THE right gift. But once it is done, the joy of the recipient is all the greater.

2. Secondhand Is Good For Health

Second-hand things are not only cheap, individual and sustainable. They are also healthy. But why? The question is answered simply: Anyone who has bought new products knows the sometimes unpleasant smell of chemicals. Different pollutants can cause different complaints such as headaches or even nausea. This is often the case with clothing.

The older a product is, the fewer pollutants are still present due to washing or airing. This of course has a positive effect on health.

Sell “old” – Buy “new”

If you buy second-hand goods and want to save money, you can also become a seller yourself. This is especially practical during the Christmas season. Simply sell the things you no longer need and thus create financial resources for things that are necessary. In this way, you not only spend money, but also earn some.

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Secondhand Shopping – A Real Experience

Rummage, rummage and discover … Secondhand is more than just buying used things. Who stores secondhand, often goes on an eventful time travel into past years and sometimes even decades. Pure nostalgia. Secondhand shopping is like a little adventure trip, the assortment is determined by unique items.

A once self-made toy that not every child has. Various old clothes that have long been vintage. Old furniture in vintage look, which do not make the living room look like in the catalog. All this is secondhand shopping. So you can not only give individually, but also go on an impressive experience journey.

“If You Buy Second-hand, You Can’t Afford Anything” – A Cliché Long Outdated

For a long time, second-hand products had a rather bad reputation. The products were considered to be of inferior quality. Time and again, Secondhand buyers were given the cliché “You buy second-hand, can’t afford anything?”. But this cliché has long been outdated. Secondhand is modern.

So: You too can contribute to a better climate and sustainable living. New is not always better and you don’t always have to buy new products.

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