Itching During Pregnancy: Good Home Remedies

You are pregnant and the skin starts to itch?

No need to worry – we’ll show you some good home remedies to relieve itching and protect your skin.

What Causes Itching?

During pregnancy, not only do women’s tissues change but the pigmentation and skin changes can also occur. For example, the linea nigra forms on the abdomen, which runs from the belly button down to the pubic bone, and the areolas also become noticeably darker. As the uterus and baby grow steadily during pregnancy, the skin on the abdomen also stretches.

As a result, the skin on the abdomen is subjected to great strain, leading to the so-called stretch marks. In addition, it can itch annoyingly not only on the abdomen but also on the legs or the whole body. The reason for the itching can be the skin change due to hormones in pregnancy but is usually completely normal. This is called pregnancy dermatosis. This settles by itself after delivery in most cases. During pregnancy, you can resort to good home remedies for itching.

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What To Do For Itching During Pregnancy?

In addition to pregnancy dermatosis, pregnancy acne can also occur. This occurs because the sebaceous gland function in the pregnant woman’s skin is disturbed. Pregnancy acne disappears by itself after delivery. This is also the case with PUPP syndrome (pregnancy dermatosis). This is an acute skin disease, which in most cases appears at the end of pregnancy.

The worst sufferers are those with severe itching. There may also be reddening of the skin, pustules, or the formation of vesicles. In most cases, PUPP syndrome resolves itself after delivery. If you already suffered from a skin disease before your pregnancy, the symptoms may change during pregnancy.

It is important that you use well-tolerated skin products and take care of your skin. If the symptoms are severe and persistent, you should consult your doctor and make sure that the itching is a normal effect of pregnancy and not an indication of pregnancy toxicity.

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What Helps With Itching During Pregnancy?

Cooling body lotions with urea help with itching during pregnancy. In the drugstore or even in the pharmacy you can get good care products for your daily skincare. Good care of the skin is especially important for the prevention and reduction of stretch marks. Thus, you provide your skin with moisture and help it to stretch well and also to regress naturally after pregnancy. Make sure creams and ointments are replenishing and moisturizing.

Some women find relief by applying cold cottage cheese to the itchy areas and letting it soak in. Once this is at body temperature, the curd cleanses the skin. Vinegar water can also help with itchy skin during pregnancy. Here, one part vinegar is mixed with 10 parts water and then the body is washed with it. Itching in pregnancy is treated with medication only after a firm diagnosis.

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Often doctors prescribe antihistamines for itching. Depending on the severity of the itching, creams and ointments with cortisone may also be used. Drinking raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy can also cause a rash on the abdomen. It may help to reduce the daily dose in such a case. Often pregnant women subsequently reset a decrease in rash and itching. It is important to consult a specialist and get advice in case of severe itching.

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