Kindergarten: What Parents Have To Get Used To

Not only for the children but also for the parents, the start of kindergarten brings change. They have to learn to let go and deal with their child’s new behavior.

The Bad Word With Sch

When the child comes home from kindergarten, some parents will be surprised. Their little darling suddenly has a completely new vocabulary. Where did all those words come from? The language skills of a 3-year-old child are expanded in a very short time in kindergarten. Possibly by words that are not exactly your favorite. This is difficult to prevent. Getting upset doesn’t help much. A short “I don’t want to hear that at home” should be enough at first.

The Craft Fever Breaks Out

How do you tame a horde of toddlers? With activity. The kindergarten staff uses all kinds of handicrafts to do this. Parents who have so far successfully resisted handicraft lessons at home are now helplessly at the mercy of their children’s thirst for action. So dig out old catalogs from which you can cut out colorful pictures.

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It Gets Louder

If you’ve been keeping it reasonably quiet, you’ll notice a change. The general noise level in the kindergarten will not stop at your front door. There is no scientific study on this yet, but it is believed that kindergarten has a similar effect as going to a disco. Therefore, children talk and play louder without realizing it.

Learning To Share

Suddenly, there’s a new caregiver for your child: the kindergarten teacher.
What she says has a huge impact. Parents should not react with jealousy – even if you hear the kindergarten teacher’s name frequently. This is the first step of letting go. Be proud that your child is bravely looking at a new perspective of the world and trying to find his way in it.

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