Gentle Helpers Against Colds During Pregnancy

When they have a cold or illness, many pregnant women worry about their unborn child. It is well known that pregnant women must be particularly careful when taking medication. Many expectant mothers are therefore rightly inclined to avoid medication completely during pregnancy.

But What To Do When A Cold Strikes During Pregnancy?

Cough & cold – it’s autumn and cold season! – Many pregnant women agonize over a cold because they don’t want to take anything. They think it’s better to sit out the cold. However, there are many gentle natural home remedies that can provide relief and not harm your child in any way.

For A Cold – Saline Solution

If your nose is dripping and you’ve used up what feels like 1000 Tempos, you should fall back on an old home remedy from grandma’s time.

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Bring a teaspoon of sea salt in half a liter of water to a boil – inhale at medium temperature. You can also add eucalyptus or mountain pine oil to the water. Inhalation helps to decongest the nasal mucous membranes and ensures a clear nose.

If the cold is very persistent, irradiation with a red light lamp helps.

Fighting Cough With Home Remedies

You can fight a mild cough with a simple homemade syrup.

Chop black radish, mix it with rock candy and let it steep for a few hours. Take 4-6 teaspoons throughout the day. The cough irritation should improve noticeably.

If a cough lasts longer or is particularly severe, you should urgently consult a doctor. Although coughing is not harmful for a child in the womb, as it is well protected by the amniotic fluid, only a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy child. Therefore, a strong cough is not to be trifled with!

Sage Tea Against Rough Throat

Sage tea is the natural and healthy alternative to the numerous lozenges and pastilles available in pharmacies.

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Prepare the tea and gargle with it regularly – about every two hours. Important: gargle and do not drink! Sage relaxes the vocal cords and irritated throat and quickly puts an end to hoarseness.

Rest, Time & Attention

It is important to permanently measure the body temperature during a cold in pregnancy. If fever occurs, you should urgently consult your doctor!

In the case of a simple cold without fever, it is best for the expectant mother and the baby to get plenty of rest and to heed the old tip: wrap up warm, drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of sleep.

The home remedies mentioned are only suitable for mild colds. As soon as there are the first signs of a severe cold or flu-like infection, you should consult a doctor. Again and again we emphasize here the top priority for a successful pregnancy: health and to take care of yourself, your body and your baby!

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