Less Violence But More Bullying In Schools

The two topics of violence and bullying are always topical in German schools.

Violence Has Decreased

Researchers have conducted a study on violence and bullying in schools. They found that violence has decreased significantly over the last 20 years. This means that both teachers and pupils themselves are much quicker to intervene when they notice someone being hit or kicked. That is all well and good, but it is sad that bullying is becoming more widespread.

Bullying Often Goes Unnoticed

In their study, the researchers found that bullying in schools often goes unnoticed. Neither by teachers nor by classmates. For children who are bullied, this is a very bad situation. They are afraid to go to school and feel sick and tired. That is why it is very important for children who are being bullied to talk to someone about it. Either with their parents or with a teacher they trust. Especially at school, there is a right to protection because the school has to ensure that no student is bullied.

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Explaining Difficult Words

Mobbing Means taunts and insults from people the same age. Often children are not allowed to participate in games or people make bad jokes about them. This can also happen on the internet. For example, if things are said about you on Facebook that is not true, that is cyberbullying.

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