Lewis Hamilton World Champion Again

Lewis Hamilton is again world champion of Formula 1. Yesterday he won the Formula 1 race in Austin in the USA. He thus defended his title from last year and is now world champion for the third time.

First Briton To Defend Title

Lewis Hamilton has achieved something that no compatriot before him has done before. He is the first Briton to successfully defend his Formula 1 title. He raced to a historic triumph in his Mercedes yesterday and is now one of the most successful Formula 1 driver. And that’s despite the fact that he doesn’t actually look or act like a racing driver. When you see him, you might think he’s a pop star, a model, or an actor. Sometimes he doesn’t even show himself the way a sportsman should actually live, namely healthy and always in training. Lewis Hamilton much prefers going to parties and partying.

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Only Performance Counts

His bosses at Mercedes don’t always like this, but they simply allow their star his freedom. All that counts for them is performance, and Lewis Hamilton’s performance is great. He wins and wins, drives one fastest lap after another, and is world champion again. What more could you want…..

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

Lewis Hamilton was born in 1985 in England. He has been racing in Formula 1 since 2007, and in 2008 he became the youngest world champion in history. Since 2013 Hamilton has driven for Mercedes and became world champion in 2014 and now again in 2015.

The world championship in the Formula 1 is the most important world championship in automobile racing. It is therefore also called the royal class. Formula 1 has been held annually as the world championship since the 1950 season. There are currently 19 races per year, after which the world champion is decided. The most successful driver in the history of Formula 1 is Michael Schumacher. In a total of 307 Grand Prix starts, he won seven world championships and 91 race victories.

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Photo: ChanStockPhoto / bigstockphoto.com

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