Flatulence During Pregnancy: What To Do?

The comminution of the ingested food releases gases in the gastrointestinal tract, which become noticeable as flatulence. In addition, people swallow air from time to time, which enters the intestines and is excreted again. Women experience increased flatulence, especially in the first few months of pregnancy.

This is because at the beginning of pregnancy, more hormones, such as progesterone, are released. This causes the muscles to relax. This also affects the intestines. Digestion does not proceed as quickly as it did before pregnancy. More intestinal gas forms, which manifests itself as flatulence.

As soon as the baby increases in size and weight, flatulence can also occur, as it can put more pressure on the intestines and thus hinder the mother’s digestion. Bloating during pregnancy is perfectly normal. With simple means, you can relieve yourself and also prevent flatulence.

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Home Remedies For Flatulence During Pregnancy

Do not suppress flatulence. Sure it is uncomfortable, so find an environment where you are undisturbed. Often flatulence is also stuck and can hurt. To relieve this bloating, it can help to gently massage the abdomen.

To do this, start at the lower right abdomen and massage in a clockwise circular motion. After a meal, you should wait about one to two hours. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you should check with your gynecologist whether you are allowed to perform this massage. In addition, a warm bath can also help to relieve cramps.

Note that the water should not exceed 39 degrees. Warm compresses, such as a cherry pit pillow, can also help relieve or relieve bloating. Fennel and caraway can be taken in the form of teas and help promote digestion and relieve cramps in the intestines.

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What Helps With Flatulence During Pregnancy

A healthy and balanced diet is important during pregnancy and also helps to avoid flatulence. Make sure already when eating to take time for your meal and buy slowly. This has once the advantage that you eat less and also get fully better. Eat fast, you also swallow air and it comes to flatulence. Severe flatulence is also caused by legumes, cabbage, leeks, fried and fatty foods.

Therefore, to avoid flatulence, you should either partially and completely avoid such foods. Drinking is very important during pregnancy. But more suitable for digestion is still mineral water. When sitting, you should make sure that you are not constantly bent forward. An upright posture prevents the abdomen from being compressed and bloating from occurring. Exercise during pregnancy is not only important to stay fit but can also help to alleviate or prevent various complaints. Especially gastrointestinal complaints, such as constipation or bloating, can be stimulated or alleviated with a long walk, swimming, or other gentle exercises. Cycling or light yoga exercises can also get your digestive tract moving.

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Refrain from taking medications for bloating during pregnancy and talk to your gynecologist or midwife before taking them.

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