Make-up For Children: Make-up Tips For Carnival, Halloween And Children’s Birthday Party

Especially at carnival, when costumes for children are often very expensive but of little quality, children’s makeup can be the last minute rescue. With a made-up face, the focus is also exactly there.

The rest of the clothing can then be kept more simple and perhaps even composed of existing parts. Many kids like to be transformed into an animal, superhero or other favorite character with paint and brushes.

Find out here everything you need to know about children’s make-up and how to make your little ones happy.

Which Motifs Are Suitable For Children’s Make-up?

Which motifs are suitable for children’s make-up depends primarily on the occasion, but also on the preferences of your child and your skills. The age of your child can also play a role, because for the child make-up the little ones have to sit still for a while, depending on the desired transformation.

Very young children may still rub their faces a lot and spread the makeup in places where it should not go. Although commercially available children’s makeup is tested and completely safe, you can still limit yourself to simple motifs for toddlers.

You do not have any ideas yet, which figures can be created during the children’s make-up? Here are some makeup tips for inspiration, to which topics you can make up children:

  • Superheroes
  • Mythical creatures
  • Fairy tale characters
  • Favorite characters from television.
  • Famous personalities.
  • Animals

Make Up For Children For Different Occasions

Make-up for children is not only a great idea for carnival. Once you have all the equipment with make-up, brushes, sponges and more, it is also worthwhile to use it during the rest of the year.

You’ll be amazed at how often children’s makeup comes in handy and how many kids you can make happy with simple tools and a few makeup tips.

Make-up For Children At Carnival

Carnival is the time par excellence to dress up. Big and small may live out their foolish side at carnival and transform into other characters. Even if you are perhaps not a big carnival lover – at the latest when your child goes to kindergarten, the topic of carnival costumes will come up at some point.

Carnival is a good opportunity to get started with children’s make-up. After all, from Weiberfastnacht to Faschingsdienstag, there are many events for which colorful makeup on the face fits. Last but not least, this date can be planned and allows time to practice child make-up and to clarify in advance which transformation it should be.

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At carnival, it is appropriate to wear a costume to match the makeup on the face. Depending on how elaborate the costume is, you can use simpler designs or go all out. But which make-up tips are suitable for carnival?

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Pirate Make-up For Carnival

The pirate is a very simple motif for children’s make-up, because you need only a few colors and do not have to be particularly good at painting or make-up. The costume of a real pirate is a striped top or trousers, a saber and a headscarf.

The eye patch is optional, because you can simply put it on your face. For a swashbuckling buccaneer, you’ll need at least black children’s makeup and a brush. If you like, you can also use red and white paint.

First, create an unkempt stubble beard by lightly dabbing it on with a brush or sponge. Then, above the lip, draw a curved beard to the left and right. The eyebrows are then painted out bushy.

If you don’t have an eye patch at home, simply paint it on around the eye. Make sure that the color does not get too close or even into the eye. With these make-up tips, your child is sure to look very daring! Do you want it to be even more dangerous?

Then paint a scar on one cheek with a long stroke and several short cross strokes of red paint. If you feel more confident with your child’s make-up, you can create a white skull on the other cheek. Tip: It’s best to draw the skull on paper once beforehand.

Ice Queen Make-up For Carnival

Anna and Elsa are perennial favorites in children’s rooms all over the world. It’s clear that they can’t be missing at carnival. Implementing the make-up tips for an ice queen is not that difficult. You just need to take your time and use different colors of makeup and accessories.

As a Disney fan, your child probably already has a matching costume with a blue glitter dress. A side braid braided to it makes little girls almost a real Elsa even without makeup. A crown in radiant ice colors is simply made up on the forehead.

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For children’s make-up here you need sponges and a small round brush, colors in shiny blue and light blue, mother-of-pearl, shimmering pink and red, and matte white. Shimmer powder can be used as an extra.

First, as a base, the temples are primed with the sponge and shiny light blue, over the forehead to the cheeks, mother of pearl is applied around the blue. The cheeks are gently emphasized with red.

Now connect the light blue temples above the eyebrows with a stripe in the same color, draw a diamond between the eyebrows. In the larger areas at the temples and between the eyes, paint snowflakes in white – with a brush.

Outside the light blue, white brush strokes can now be used to create the crown. It is given a suitable frame with darker blue. If you like, you can refine the face with small drops of ice in white and, as a highlight, dab on shimmering powder with the sponge. Ice queen Elsa is ready!

Children’s Make-up For Halloween

For Halloween, you don’t always have a scary costume ready to turn kids into dangerous characters. For all parents who want to go door to door with their offspring, children’s make-up is a good option when the temperatures are rather cold in October.

Because here may only have to be hung around a cape and ready is the scary disguise. Are you looking for make-up tips for Halloween? Here comes a great inspiration for children’s makeup.

Vampire Make-up For Halloween

To make up a blood-sucking vampire is also suitable for boys and girls at carnival. However, Dracula is particularly suitable for Halloween. With a black cape, the disguise is already perfect.

All that’s missing now is the pale face with dark eye shadows and blood-red lips. For the implementation you need white, black and red children’s make-up as well as brushes and sponges.

As a base, the whole face is primed with sponge and white children’s makeup. The eyebrows are sharply traced with black paint and the eyes are darkly framed.

Now lightly blend out the black around the eyes with the sponge and dab remaining color as shading under the cheekbones. Finally, paint the lips in blood red – just to scare.

Make-up For A Child’s Birthday

Make-up for children’s birthdays is also a great program item, especially if it is to be a theme party. But also, if each child experiences a very individual transformation, make-up tips offer themselves.

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The little guests will be delighted when they are allowed to go home with an imaginatively made-up face as a souvenir of the children’s birthday party.

Tiger Make-up For Children’s Birthday

Making up children as a tiger is a nice idea if the birthday has an animal theme. This motif requires a little more time, but makes a lot especially in combination with a costume.

For the implementation you should plan about 30 minutes and have brushes and sponges ready. The colors you need are black, white, yellow and orange.

Here’s how it works: As a base, use white paint and a sponge to prime the chin, above the eyes and on the sides of the cheeks. Use a brush to draw a thick eyeliner below the eyes. Now orange comes into play.

Dab the free areas with the sponge, then blend the transitions to white with yellow. Now use a brush and black color to finely paint details such as the eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth.

Finally, apply the characteristic tiger stripes to the face. Here it makes sense if you use a template that also illustrates the make-up tips pictorially. The tiger is already finished.

Butterfly Make-up For A Child’s Birthday Party

The butterfly is a popular motif for little girls who want to flutter around with colorful wings for the party. For the butterfly on the face, a variety of colors can be used and shimmer or glitter powder are also suitable as an addition. In addition, you will need a sponge and brush.

Popular colors for the butterfly are pink, pink, but also purple or blue in many variations. It is created around the eyes, its wing tips extend to the cheeks. In terms of shape and details, there are no limits to the imagination.

First, it is recommended to draw the outer shape with a brush, and then fill in the interior with the sponge and the desired color. Between the eyebrows and on the forehead can now paint the butterfly head and antennae.

Now use the brush to draw details and patterns on the wings and dab on glitter as desired. Fly, little butterfly.

What Do I Need To Make Up Children?

To make up children, you need suitable water-based children’s makeup. Although there is also grease-based makeup, the latter often feels unpleasantly heavy on the skin and is more difficult to remove.

Water-based colors are simply mixed with a little water and then applied to the skin. There is also the option of buying make-up pencils, which make brushes and sponges superfluous. They are more suitable for simple motifs and when it should go quickly.

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When buying makeup for children, you should make sure that it is not only water-soluble, but also non-toxic, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. This is because not all make-up sets on the market score well in ecotests, for example.

Products that meet the guidelines of the FDA (U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration) and are therefore well suited for the sensitive skin of young children are recommended. Before applying make-up for the first time, however, it is advisable to test the product in the crook of your child’s arm. If there is no skin reaction, you can start applying make-up.

Brushes and sponges in various sizes are ideal tools for creating different motifs. Especially if you want to make up several children, it is worth buying a set. Hygiene is the be-all and end-all when doing children’s make-up.

After each use, the used items should be cleaned with mild soap. If the make-up has been lying around for a while, you should check not only the expiration date but also the smell and appearance before applying it again.

Last but not least, make-up templates and make-up tips are also important, especially if you are a beginner. Whether you buy a corresponding book with instructions and pictures, or watch tutorials on YouTube on the subject of make-up for children, is entirely up to you. You can also find many beautiful, child-friendly motifs on Pinterest.

How Is Children’s Make-up Removed?

Thanks to its water solubility, even bright colors of colorful makeupcan be easily removed. If the face is already well cared for with a cream before application, this also creates a good basis for being able to remove the motif again later.

With a damp, warm cloth and some soap or wet wipes, you can first roughly remove the make-up. Stubborn spots, such as glitter, dissolve well with a little oil. Finally, rinse with plenty of clean water and apply a good cream to the skin.

If some of the makeup gets on your clothes during play and romping, you can simply wash it out in the washing machine at the usual temperature. Only grease-based make-up can be more stubborn and difficult to remove. In this case, try using a special cleaner for oil and grease.

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