Make Your Own School Cone – DIY Tutorial

When the love flows into the school bag, crafting skills are very beneficial. If cutting, folding, felting and sewing are not your thing, don’t panic! Even with simple tricks you can make your little school starter with an individual and personal sugar cone a huge joy. You can find out how it works here!

“What Is Imaginable Is Also Feasible”

Get to work according to Albert Einstein’s motivation! First of all, think about whether it wouldn’t be nice if you made the bag together with your child. That way you can be sure that it will be exactly to the child’s taste. It can also be a nice experience for you to deal with the development of your protégé. The start of school is not only a big step in the child’s life.

About 100 years ago, it was still common practice to make school bags yourself. Mostly there were no real alternatives due to lack of money. If one could then buy a ready-made school cone, this was a considerable privilege.

In recent years, on the other hand, the hype of making things yourself has arisen again and again. Not only for the sake of fun, but also as a conscious action against mass consumption, the same school cones and machine-produced cheap stuff.

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However, lately, DIY has become more and more professional. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and the like can put “normal” parents under a lot of pressure. Therefore, it is advisable to always keep a few things in mind: Do-it-yourself is not necessarily about the finished product. It’s about the thoughts and the expression of what the end product stands for. So it’s no big deal if the dinosaur on the school cone looks more like a green chicken or the flower passes for a Scandinavian piece of furniture. Now the school bag is individual with a very personal expression and a lot of love!

So don’t be pressured to make designer cones and ask your child beforehand what they would like or if they might even want to help you.

Materials For A Simple School Cone

School or sugar cones should sweeten the start of school! The classic school cone consists of a cone-shaped cardboard box that is held shut at the top with paper or crepe. This prevents sweet and useful contents from falling out.

You don’t need many materials for a simple round school cone:

  • 1 large sheet of clay cardboard (DIN A1 or 80x80cm)
  • Colored paper or cardboard
  • Crepe paper
  • Ribbon
  • Thread
  • Liquid glue and adhesive tape
  • Depending on the decoration: glitter foil, stickers, wiggle eyes
  • Scissors, glue, ruler, pens,

Instructions For Self-made – School Cone

Schultüte Bastelanleitung
School cone craft instructions

Step 1: The Basic Frame

The first step is to trim the clay paper so that you have a round opening above the school cone in the next step. To do this, lay the sheet of cardboard horizontally in front of you. Attach the thread, which is about 50cm long, to a pencil. Hold the other end of the thread to the lower left corner of the cardboard. Place the pencil side on the upper left corner and draw a large quarter circle like a compass towards the right. The fixed thread guides the pencil. Now you only need to cut along the drawn line.

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Take the cut paper and turn the bag. The tighter you turn, the more stable the bag will be. The upper diameter, i.e. the later open side, should be about 20cm. At the bottom, however, the bag is quite pointed. Now glue the sides that overlap. A strong liquid glue is suitable for this. Make sure that the glue does not run out onto either the inside or the outside.

Tip: If you want to wrap the school bag with wrapping paper, glue the paper to the cardboard before you roll it. This way the glue strips can be applied to the inside and you will have a flawless surface.

Step 2: The Closure

Now you need crepe paper and glue to make the top part of the bag. Paint the inner, upper edge of the bag with glue and attach the crepe paper. Now you can tie the crepe paper at the top with wrapping tape. The basic frame is now already done!

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Tip: During the back-to-school season, you can usually buy ready-made school cone blanks in stationery stores. You can still decorate them yourself.

Step 3: The Decoration

There are no limits to the design of the school cone. Your little one’s favorite themes can be easily integrated. Does your little one like pirates? Or is she an adventurous princess? Soccer? Star Wars? Mermaids? Bunnies? Dinos?

There are plenty of possibilities! The most classic decorations, which are always contemporary, include letters and numbers – and are also adapted to the theme of school in terms of content.

You can simply cut out colorful letters and numbers, animals or any motifs from different colored cardboard and glue them on. If you are not particularly talented in freehand drawing, templates from the Internet are excellent. Print them out, transfer them to the cardboard and stick them on the bag.

You can make any kid’s heart glow with glitter pens, paper and glitter. To complete the personal touch, you can put the child’s name on the bag or on a name tag.

Step 4: The Filling

In addition to a few sweets, pencils, rulers and notebooks are particularly suitable. However, the newcomer to school will probably be especially happy about a small toy or a lucky charm. So the “fun” factor should not be missing at the start of school!

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If you don’t want to pack only unhealthy and short-lived sweets in the school cone, I’ve put together a small list of ideas that are sure to please the school starter:

    • Set: 25 little game ideas for recess can be found here


(preferably also with contents): This makes the breakfast break even more fun!


    • A pencil case filled with pens with cute motifs, for example in the shape of the Worry Eater.



Ideas For School Cone Design


This pirate school cone is perfect for real mini adventurers! The blue tones reflect the ocean, the wave look restless times! In the foreground a brave pirate with a treasure chest at his feet. So the school days can start!

Gladly also seen in pirate design!

schul tüte

Busy little bees are buzzing around! You can make this school bag with the help of already printed wrapping paper.

A flower for the little bee completes the design!

einhorn schultüte

Unicorns, butterflies and co. will probably always be popular. With pastel shades and tulle indulges particularly well in distant worlds! Ready-made stickers that can be stuck on are also suitable for this. With a touch of glitter and a few golden accents, the fairy tale dream is perfect.

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