Male Fertility – Positively Influence The Desire To Have Children

In most cases, a desire to have children is fulfilled within a few weeks or months. If the couple stops using contraception and there are no diseases that prevent the desire to have a child, the woman will usually become pregnant within six months. The period in which pregnancy occurs also depends on the age of the pregnant woman. From a medical point of view, fertility decreases rapidly from the age of 35 in women. Thus, there are couples who have to wait two years or more before the positive news of pregnancy comes. If the woman does not become pregnant, the causes may also lie in the limited fertility of the man. This can be positively influenced by various measures. First, however, it should be examined whether the man is capable of procreation at all. This is particularly important if the man has not yet had any children.

Proof Of Fertility In Men

The proof of whether a man is capable of procreation can be provided quite simply by a test of the sperm. To do this, the man gives a sperm sample. Some men may find this uncomfortable, as the ejaculate must be collected and delivered on the spot by masturbation. The immediate examination is required to specifically assess the quality of the sperm. If the man’s desire for a child is to be fulfilled, the sperm must meet various criteria. It must be present in sufficient quantity. It swims in the sperm fluid, and this must not be too scarce either. Otherwise, the sperm cannot move fast enough and die on the way to the fallopian tube. The motility of the sperm is also tested. This must not be restricted. They should swim vital in the fluid. The fluid must also be clear and must not appear sticky or too solid. Men who wish to have children should also know that the quality of the sperm decreases with advancing age. It is true that men remain capable of procreation until old age. However, problems with genetic defects or malformations become more likely the older the man and woman are at conception. Sperm motility and quantity also decrease with age.

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Measures In Case Of Unfulfilled Desire To Have Children

If the sperm test indicates that the man is basically fertile, he can take various measures to increase his fertility. First and foremost, this includes a healthy diet very rich in protein. To increase the quality of sperm, intercourse should not be too frequent. With each ejaculation, the quantity and quality of sperm decrease. Men who wish to have children should therefore have intercourse only every two to three days so that sperm can form in sufficient quantity. Taking vitamins through food or in the form of capsules or juices is also very important and helpful for the formation of healthy sperm. The type of intercourse can also affect the ability to conceive. Make sure that sperm can quickly find their way through the vagina and uterus into the fallopian tube and adjust your lovemaking accordingly.

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