Men In The Delivery Room – With Or Without Their Better Half?

It’s hard to believe, but you still hear the discussion among couples about whether or not the man should accompany the expectant mother in the delivery room. At first glance, it seems almost stone-age that this question is still being raised. – At second glance, every expectant parent should seriously ask themselves this question. Here are some tips that expectant fathers should take to heart and expectant mothers should consider.

In The Peace Lies The Strength – Nervous Bundles Out

Only men who bring a certain amount of calm with them should accompany their partner in the delivery room. Time and again, midwives report of men who make their wives nervous and restless instead of supportive. Therefore, men should never be forced to accompany the birth, because that is the way it is done today. Only men who want to accompany the birth and who focus on supporting their wives during the birth of their child are good partners in the delivery room.

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Positive Support In The Delivery Room

With small gestures, a man can provide his wife with lasting support during childbirth. Positive reinforcement, a kiss, breathing away the contractions together. When the partner is actively involved, the birth becomes easier and a nice couple experience. A drink is enough, a joke at the right moment, distraction and a good conversation during a break in labor. Calm companions give the expectant mom support and security. So you can experience the unforgettable moment of the birth of the common child up close.

Dad In First Baby Labor

While mom is recovering from the last contractions, the new father can accompany the new citizen of the earth during the first examinations and enjoy the first baby cuddles. – Fathers who calmly accompany the arrival of their child are an enrichment for their partner and start off with a strong bond with their baby.

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