Fear And Prevention of Miscarriages

For women who want to have a baby, a miscarriage is a very bad experience. Often women, become afraid of another miscarriage and worry a lot. A miscarriage is distinguished between an early and a late miscarriage. Most miscarriages happen in the early stages of pregnancy, often before or during fertilization, so that most women do not even notice an abortion. As the pregnancy progresses, the risk of miscarriage decreases. A miscarriage can happen for a number of reasons. Preventing a miscarriage can be done before and also during pregnancy. However, the risk of miscarriage always exists and cannot be prevented completely.

Fear Of Miscarriage

Fear of miscarriage is justified, because miscarriage can happen in any pregnancy. Often mothers do not notice the miscarriage because it is still at a very early stage and most women do not suspect anything about their pregnancy at that time. But if the pregnancy is progressing and the desire to have a child is great, a miscarriage can be a very big shock and also loss for the woman, with which she first has to cope. If the decision is made to try again, there is always the fear of a miscarriage in the neck. This is perfectly natural. It is important for expectant mothers not to focus on a possible miscarriage. Not to think about what has happened, but about what is currently happening. Of course, it is also important that you do not completely repress what has passed. Just try to put it behind you and not focus your anxiety on the new pregnancy. This is easier said than done, but it often helps to look positively into the future. Too much mental pressure will not only harm you, but also your baby and may even trigger another miscarriage. Talk to your partner, family and good friends. Let them guide you and ease your fear of miscarriage through uplifting conversations.

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Prevent Miscarriage

Women who want a baby can prevent the risk of miscarriage even before they become pregnant. Excessive coffee consumption, nicotine, alcohol, drugs and medications can be triggers of miscarriage. Even before pregnancy, women who want to have children should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle and prevent harmful substances from settling in their bodies and later affecting the baby’s development. It is also advisable to have a thorough check-up with a doctor before the planned pregnancy. Especially women over 35 years of age should undergo this check-up, because the older a woman is, the higher the risk of complications during pregnancy. In this way, infections or even simple diseases can be treated and the risk of miscarriage can be reduced. During pregnancy, a nutritious and healthy diet is very important for one’s own well-being and for the baby’s development. Women who are exposed to hazardous and toxic substances due to their work have an increased risk of miscarriage. Talk to your employer about having a baby or try to minimize the risk in other ways. In addition, other reasons for miscarriage can include financial or emotional problems. Depression or illness also affect pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about your desire to have a child.

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