Mobile For Babies: Toys To Wonder And Dream

A mobile for the baby is one of the most popular toys for little ones. It promotes falling asleep, but can also have a positive effect on the child’s attention and motor skills. These baby toys come in so many varieties that it is often difficult to choose.

Whether with wooden figures, with plush animals, in abstract shapes, bought or self-made – a mobile for the baby is always a nice gift.

What Is A Mobile?

A mobile for the baby is a very special baby toy that can stimulate different senses in the child. There are mobiles that are purely for looking at and those that the baby is allowed to reach for.

A mobile for the baby can play music to fall asleep, but also works without melody. Newer models are also available with light function as well as motor, which ensures that your mobile for the baby rotates.

Mobiles without a motor must be pushed so that the suspended figures move. Mobiles with light pendants are made to turn and swing by air movement alone.

Usually, a mobile consists of a frame with several pendants that are placed where the baby lies. A baby mobile is often used for the bed, but the baby toy is also used above the crawling blanket and on the playpen. Such a toy is also practical above the changing area and provides employment there.

Many mobiles are made of wood. Even lighter and equally robust are models made of plastic, but the fabric is also possible. Such a structure can either be hung from the ceiling or attached to the bed with a gripper or a screw for tightening.

What Is The Purpose Of A Mobile For The Baby?

A baby mobile served already in earlier generations to stimulate the senses of the smallest. It is true that the mobile with music is rather a phenomenon of the past years. However, the principle of entertaining the child with such a baby toy has been around for a long time. It is not difficult to make a mobile yourself. This is one of the reasons why the mobile for the baby has found its way into many households at an early age.

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Without the need for an adult to guide, children are encouraged to grasp and look. At the same time, the toy is a nice way for babies to occupy themselves, leaving parents some time for other activities.

Last but not least, mothers and fathers appreciate a mobile for the baby as a sleep aid. Especially those models with child-friendly music can become part of the evening sleep ritual. They convey a sense of security, calm the baby and help it drift off into the land of dreams.

Baby Mobile: What Models Are Available?

If you want to have a mobile for the baby, you can decide whether you want to buy it or make a mobile yourself. In stores you can find many different models – from very classic to modern.

Should the mobile for the baby play a melody or just be there to look at? Do you want your baby to practice grasping with the toy? Should the baby mobile be used as a sleep aid and perhaps project light effects on the ceiling or wall?

A baby mobile with a motor can also be useful, so that you don’t have to go back to the crib to push the toy. Such a baby toy is also available with remote control, so that you do not disturb your child’s sleep when you want to turn off the motor or a light.

What To Look For When Buying A Mobile?

Whichever baby mobile you choose – make sure that it has a test mark and is free of harmful substances. Especially if it is to be a baby toy to touch, no toxic ingredients should be released from the figures.

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The suspension, from which the mobile will hang, must be stable and easy to attach to the baby’s bed. A mobile for the baby must also be able to withstand a firm grip on the hanger. Are the figures very delicate and have sharp edges? Then the toy should rather be hung out of reach.

If the desired baby mobile has one or more functions, you should check them before hanging it near the child: Which melodies are played? Is the volume adjustable? How loud is the motor that moves the pendants?

Are there any glaring light effects? All functions should be as variably adjustable as possible and only used in a reduced way. Especially very small babies only need to look at the structure.

If you notice that the baby toy no longer seems so interesting to your child, you can use one of the functions. It often helps to take the baby mobile down for a few days and then put it back up – it’s exciting again!

The design of the mobile is ultimately a matter of personal taste. Most baby mobiles that are available are either colorful or have soft tones.

A mobile in pure black or in bright neon colors is conceivable, but you should make sure that your baby is not afraid of the structure. If you can’t find a suitable mobile for your baby in the shops, you can also make one yourself. Then there are (almost) no limits to creativity.

Mobile For The Baby Made Of Wood

A wooden baby mobile is the most classic of the models available. Often, the individual pendants are designed particularly light and delicate, so that they can still move well in the air.

Very popular with the mobile for the baby made of wood are pendants that are brightly painted. Beautiful look about colored flowers, but also different animals find their way to the mobiles. Nostalgic mobiles with small wooden airplanes, stars, or clouds may remind you of your own childhood and fit well in children’s rooms, which are decorated in vintage style.

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Mobile For The Baby Made Of Plastic

A baby mobile is often made of plastic, because this material is particularly light and durable. In addition, it is easy to clean. A mobile made of plastic often has various pendants to look at and grasp.

From figures to rattles or gripping rings, many variations are conceivable. The quality of the material is also particularly important where – it should be free of harmful substances and tasteless. A plastic mobile is often offered with different functions. Just try out which features seem useful to you for your baby.

Mobile For The Baby Made Of Fabric

A mobile for the baby, whose pendants are made of fabric, usually looks particularly cute. Often there are funny animal figures hanging on the structure. But other baby toys are also conceivable. Mobiles made of fabric want to be touched – that the pendants are washable is, therefore, a must.

Maybe even a small mirror is edged in plush so that your child can look at himself in the toy? When the beautiful pendants gently dance to the music, this mobile for the baby is especially good to fall asleep.

Make Your Own Mobile

Making mobiles yourself is not so difficult. These homemade toys are also a great gift idea for birth if you want to create something very personal. Even if you don’t like the typical baby toys in the store, you can get really creative with mobiles for the little ones.

However, you should consider in advance whether it should be a baby mobile just to look at or the child may reach into the pendants. For craft beginners, the first variant is certainly the best.

If you are not sure about the individual steps, there are many good craft instructions on the Internet. In addition, you can buy ready-made hangers in stores, to which you only have to attach your self-made pendants. Here are some tips for DIY mobiles.

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Mobiles From Paper

If you like to craft and fold with paper, mobiles with paper tags are a great idea. They also have the advantage that they easily move due to their lightweight. Choose here bright colors and shapes at will.

When attaching the figures, you should consider the different sizes and weights. For starters, it is easiest if all the pendants are the same size and weight so the paper mobile will not be crooked. You can think of the following pendants for paper mobiles:

  • Geometric shapes.
  • Origami animals.
  • Boats.

Mobiles From Felt

If you are skilled with needle and thread, mobiles from felt are quickly made. How about clouds in different colors? Cut out the desired motifs twice, fill them with absorbent cotton and close them with a needle or sewing machine.

The three-dimensionality of these mobiles alone creates a great effect. Small balls of wool attached below the clouds can represent snowflakes or drops. Looking for more inspiration for DIY mobiles made of felt?

  • Moon and stars.
  • Colorful felt balls.
  • Hot air balloons.

Crocheted Mobiles

Crocheted mobiles are for you if you like to work with a crochet hook and counting stitches is not a problem for you. The pendants on each side of the suspension should have about the same weight so that the crochet mobile does not appear crooked at the end.

Therefore, the easiest way is to always crochet the same shapes and figures, but in different colors – for example, different balls. The crocheted hangers are filled with absorbent cotton and closed. Wondering what crochet mobiles are possible? Here are three tips:

  • Balls in different sizes.
  • Simple animal shapes (owl, bird).
  • Rainbows and hearts.

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