Molleton Cloths – The Practical Companions To The Baby Diaper

They are the classics in baby care and incredibly versatile in their texture. With molleton cloths, the name says it all: the term “molleton” comes from the French and translates as “soft and fluffy”.

In fact, the material of this special type of cloth is extremely soft – and thus quickly becomes “baby’s favorite”. If you want to know what you can do with molleton cloths, then you should definitely read on here.

What Are Molleton Cloths?

Molleton cloths are wonderfully soft, extremely absorbent and roughened on both the top and the bottom. This makes them uniquely cozy and fluffy. They are a little thicker than classic muslin diapers and can be used in a variety of ways.

Whether as a traditional folding diaper or as a blanket – the choice is yours. In addition, they lend themselves to use as burp cloths, as a changing pad, or even as a washcloth.

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Compared to traditional muslin diapers, molle cloths are made of voluminous cotton. As part of the manufacturing process, the cloths are slightly roughened, making them even thicker. This creates their soft, powerful and, above all, absorbent character.

In the 1950s and 1960s, expectant mothers still made their own cloths according to an old tradition. They used roughened cotton cloths, the edges of which were hemmed to ensure the durability of the material.

Because the diaper as we know it today had not yet been invented, pregnant women and new mothers had to resort to other options. They often met with other women at the time to spend afternoons sewing together.

Times are changing and so you don’t need to spend many hours sewing molleton cloths anymore. You can conveniently order them online in the modern version and use them for different purposes.

The Perfect Changing Pad

Since time immemorial, people have attached great importance to molleton cloths. That’s why you should have several of them if possible, so that “just in case” you always have a few ready to hand.

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For example, young mothers can never have enough spit-up cloths. Whether during or after feeding – spit-up wipes should always be at hand so that nothing goes wrong.

Environmentally conscious moms who want to do without cellulose diapers or muslin diapers like to use molleton cloths as folding diapers. All you have to do is put gauze cloths inside so that the moisture is absorbed even better.

Gauze cloths are available in pharmacies and drugstores and can be conveniently disposed of after use.

For Gentle Security – The Changing Table Pad For On The Go

If you’re traveling with your little treasure to grandma and grandpa ‘s or maybe even on the train, a modern changing table pad could waste a lot of space in your travel or diaper bag.

How good if you have molleton cloths with you, because they make great substitute changing table pads. After their use, you fold them up again without further ado and can conveniently store them in your bag.

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Many young moms wonder, “What are molleton cloths anyway, and why are they still in such demand today?” The answer is simple. It is rooted in the simplicity and remarkable efficiency that this particular type of wipe has to offer.

Whether as a diaper substitute or as a changing pad – everything is possible with molleton cloths. In this respect, they are a real relief in the sometimes stressful everyday life of moms and dads. What do you want to use the molleton cloths for?

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