13 Money Making Activities You Can Do On Your Phone While You’re Under Quarantine

I’ve worked from home for years, but I have relied on childcare and school to have uninterrupted time to work on my businesses.

With the Coronavirus Crisis – uninterrupted time is few and far between.

But the very LAST THING I can do now is just put business on hold and take a vacation.

As much as I would like to pretend we’re just having a mini-staycation, I have to be realistic and know that this crisis is causing a major recession.

And I REFUSE to stop building my business because of some slimey germs.


So, I want to share 13 things entrepreneurial moms can do from your phone (on the couch with the kids around) that will help you to continue to make money during this crisis.

13 Money Making Activities You Can Do On Your Phone

13 Money Making Actions You Can Do On Your Phone While You’re Under Quarantine

Post on social media

Staying top of mind and continuing to generate leads is going to be your #1 priority during this time. Don’t hide online – get out there and talk to your audience. Include yourself in the discussion. 

Check your emails

Email is 24/7, so you can still check your emails and send replies from your phone. You can also set up canned response emails if you tend to say the same things over and over.

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How to set up canned responses in Gmail.

Communicate with your clients and team via voice/text apps

Stay in touch with these messaging and voice apps:

Voxer – Send voice memos quickly and easily.

Slack – A desktop and digital app that helps you write messages to people. It’s great to keep things all in one place instead of searching through email trains.

Facebook Messenger – Everyone is on Facebook. Use messenger to keep in touch. You can connect with text, voice notes and calls (video and voice).

Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)

A lot of small businesses operate by the seat of their pants. By that, I mean that they don’t have standard procedures and processes in plan. Things don’t happen the same way each time. Now is the time to sit down and write out all those processes.

Did you know you can write into a Google doc by just speaking?

That’s right – How to use voice dictation in Google docs

Write blog posts, articles or emails

This is another great way to use Google dictation. If you’re like me and speaking and writing is just “different”, you can always use voice dictation to get the major thoughts out and to outline an idea. Then when you get time to sit down at the computer, you can format those raw words into a blog post, article or email.

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Make lists of new business ideas

You know how you always have the BEST ideas at the worst times? Well, if you have your phone with you (and you probably do), take a second to write it down. Just a short note to remind yourself later.

If you have The Get it Together, Girl! System, you can create a card in the digital system specifically for your BIG ideas. Get your own System here.

Create social media images using Canva

I love Canva for graphic design. It is easy to use and has  a ton of free templates. The images in this post? All made with Canva. 

Canva also has an app so you can continue to work, even on your phone. It’s the perfect way to make social media memes.

Make and manage your daily To Do List

It’s easy to get distracted with everything going on and forget about all those little things you have to do.

The Get it Together, Girl! System is the perfect To Do list organizer. You can even organize all your To Do Lists.

Organize your daily schedule

Just like having a To Do list is important, so is that daily schedule (to do the things on your To Do list).You may be stuck inside, but you still have to get stuff done right? The laundry isn’t going to wash itself. And now we have to homeschool! A daily schedule is a MUST.

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You can easily take care of your schedule and manage everything from your phone with a Google calendar or The Get it Together, Girl! System.

Network in Facebook Groups

In person events may be cancelled, but networking still happens. Find a Facebook Group for your industry and become a member. It helps to network with other people who are in your industry as well as your customers.

Create a digital course or product

If you don’t yet have a digital course or product for your business – it’s time. Start working on that digital asset ASAP.

Start brainstorming:

What can you teach someone about what you do?

What can you offer virtually?

What can you offer as a digital download?

It’s time to expand your business online – and digital courses and products are the way to go.

Not sure how to get started? Join my upcoming Group Coaching Program – Create Your Digital Course.

Complete a digital course

Learn a new skill or complete the digital course you never quite finished. Now is the time.

In the same line, you can read a book on Kindle that will help you learn and grow.

Now is not the time to “take a break” – it’s time to enhance everything you know. 

Brit + Co. is offering all their courses for Free to enroll until March 31 – Use code SELFCARE.

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Manage Your Mindset

This is a tough time we are going through. You need to manage your mindset now more than ever.

Being an entrepreneur has been the biggest personal growth experience for me personally. Some of my personal mindset practices are:

Meditation –

Here is a guided meditation by a favorite mentor of mine Amanda Frances. BEST Guided Meditation to Manifest Money for Women 💵 Affirmations 🎧 Binaural Beats 👑 Subliminals

Journaling –

Set aside time to journal, either morning or night. Just write down what’s going on in your day, the thoughts you are having, how you feel – there are no “rules”. 

However, I do recommend not turning it into a To Do list. 

Keep the tasks separate. This is for thoughts and feelings. I also like doing a Gratitude list as often as possible. Here is a free printable Gratitude Guide for you to get started.

Tapping – 

I first learned about Tapping from Denise Duffield-Thomas and Brad Yates. Here is a great intro to tapping from Brad Yates.

Even though you’re stuck inside, it doesn’t mean you’re alone in wanting MORE out of life. Keep striving and keep thriving, Mama.

Join our group – Mamas Who Want More – and are willing to work for it. We’re here to support you.

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