More And More People Live On Earth

Around 7.28 billion people currently live on Earth. This is a huge number that is growing all the time. Even before the year 2050, there will be more than 10 billion people living on our planet. But where do these 7.28 billion people live today, how do they live, and, above all, how do you provide for so many people? These are questions that the United Nations because overpopulation is at the top of the United Nations’ list of challenges facing humanity in this century.

7.28 Billion People: Most Live In China And India – And Many Of Them Live In Poverty

If you take a look at how these more than 7 billion people are distributed around the world, you will see that most people live in China and India. Together, these two countries have a population of around 2.5 billion. That’s more than a third of the world’s population. China has about 1.4 billion people, and India has about 1.2 billion. In China, the government has already introduced the “one-child policy,” which requires people to have only 1 child in order to control overpopulation. However, the real problem is poverty in the countries. Although both countries have become richer, large segments of the population are becoming poorer. Many people have less than $1 a day to live on, which is the poverty line set by the United Nations.

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Africa Is Getting Bigger, Europe Is Getting Older

In Africa, population figures are also rising significantly. Despite wars and diseases, there will be more and more people in Africa from year to year. In contrast to Europe – where people are getting older, but they hardly have any children, so there will be fewer and fewer Europeans in the future. The big goal of Europe and the United Nations in the future must be to somehow feed the poor countries. That doesn’t mean that we have to produce everything and ship it to Africa and India, but we have to show the poor countries how to feed themselves, how to plant and harvest fields and how to obtain drinking water from the soil.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

The United Nations (also called “UN”(United Nations) is an association of states that want to tackle the problems of the world together. Almost all countries of the world are represented in the United Nations and do something there against war, poverty, and hunger in the world.

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