Motherhood Nursing Pillow

Motherhood Nursing Pillow Product Description

In testing, the Motherhood Nursing Pillow turns out to be smaller than many conventional nursing pillows, which are very long in comparison.

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The shape of the Motherhood nursing pillow is reminiscent of a moon. This has the advantage that you can clamp it very well to the belly. This is very easy and can also be done well with just one hand. Thus, the mother can fully concentrate on breastfeeding. However, the Motherhood nursing pillow also offers the baby a place to cuddle. It does not matter whether it is breastfed or bottle-fed.

Another advantage of this breastfeeding pillow is that it provides the baby with an elevated back position after breastfeeding. Especially for babies with reflux, this is particularly good and important. For babies six months and older, the Motherhood Nursing Pillow provides support in the prone position, helping to strengthen the back muscles and thus preparing the baby for crawling as well. Another use of this breastfeeding pillow is to use it as a sitting aid for the baby.

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However, the Motherhood nursing pillow is not to be used only after the birth of the baby. Even during pregnancy, it can be used as a positioning pillow for the expectant mother. When sleeping in the side position, it can be placed under the belly or used as a neck support.

Product Details

  • The Motherhood nursing pillow is ideal for breastfeeding or bottle feeding and provides a place for the baby to snuggle up.
  • The pillow has a removable cover that can be washed. The used cotton fabric is tested according to ko – Tex Standard 100.
  • The nursing pillow supports an elevated supine position of the baby. This is a plus especially for babies with reflux.
  • However, the Motherhood nursing pillow also supports the baby in the prone position. This is important to strengthen the back muscles of babies from six months.
  • For even older babies, from nine months, it serves as a sitting aid.
  • The cover of the nursing pillow is available in different prints.
  • The cover is made of 100% cotton.
  • The inner pillow filling is made of 100% polyester.
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Customer Reviews


The Motherhood Nursing Pillow scores very well in customer reviews. It is rated on average with 4.8 out of 5 possible stars, which is a very good result. Especially the practical use of the Motherhood nursing pillow is particularly emphasized.

Many customers found the large, long pillows too cumbersome for breastfeeding. This pillow, on the other hand, can be put on in no time, which is helpful when you have a hungry, crying baby in front of you. It’s also fairly firm, which gives the baby good support and makes the pillow flexible in use.

One review states that the Motherhood Nursing Pillow can be used to sit comfortably at the dinner table during a meal at times. The baby still lies securely on the nursing pillow. Another opinion states that the filling is still firm even after 2 months and does not lose its shape, as can sometimes happen with microbeads. Thanks to the compact size, it is also good to take with you on the road.

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There aren’t really any negative comments about the nursing pillow. One review says that the nursing pillow is too small, as it didn’t fit around this mom’s waist. Another review notes that it is a little too low.

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The Motherhood nursing pillow has exceedingly positive reviews and seems to deliver what it promises. Many mothers like to take it as an alternative to the large, long nursing pillows. Especially for travel and on the road, the advantages of this nursing pillow are clearly on its side. The firm filling also receives a positive rating. Nothing slips with this pillow, as can sometimes happen with microbeads or other fillings. Even after prolonged use, the pillow is still firm for breastfeeding. Since it can also be folded over very quickly, many mothers find it very practical So if you want a smaller, practical breastfeeding pillow that is suitable for breastfeeding, for the most part, should be extremely satisfied with the Motherhood nursing pillow

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