How Much Of Your Kids Should You Share On Your Blog

Having a blog is great, you get to share with the world your passions, dreams, and tips. However, there is one thing you should be cautious about sharing and that’s your children. Everyone does it, they all share pictures of their kids online, but the big question is: How much of your kids should you be sharing online?

How Much Of Your Kids Should You Share On Your Blog

It’s all innocent when you’re sharing pictures of your kids online. You are just trying to relate to other people and engage in conversation. In a way, social media platforms have become a way for people to stay connected. Blogs are a branch of that and people use blogs to relate and to feel accepted. This is why sharing about your kids is so easy! It feels as though people you don’t even know are your best friends. This is so far from the truth.

If you are going to run a blog, you should know what’s okay to share about your children and what’s not. Their privacy is super important, which is why it can be hard to know what to share and what not to share. When it comes down to it, you should also be careful about what you share of yourself. You can put it out there, but once the information is on the Internet, it’s hard to take down. Which is why precautions need to be set beforehand.

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Sharing about your kids online

Here are some tips to follow, so you know what’s okay to share and how much!

  • Don’t give out your address: Under no circumstances should you give out your address on your blog. There are creeps out there. Although this sounds like common sense, it’s important to put it out there. On top of not giving out your address, never disclose what school your children go to.
  • Don’t give out their entire names: Some bloggers make up nicknames for their kiddos, which is actually a really good idea. Instead of sharing their complete name online, you can come up with a nickname to help protect their identity a little more.
  • Skip the full face frontal: There are many creative ways that you can take a picture of your kids without capturing their full face. If you want to have your kids in a picture, you can take a picture of their hands, backside, or even a side view. Don’t feel like you have to put your child’s full face on your blog.
  • Limit the stories: Although you probably want to share all day long about your kids and how awesome they are. It’s probably best to limit the stories just a little bit. Don’t get caught up in explaining every single little thing they did that day. You do want to protect their privacy as much as you can.
  • People have not-so-innocent motives: Although bloggers may share and post about their kids in an innocent manner, keep in mind that not everyone is so innocent. There are stalkers and creepers out there who do not have the best interest of your child in mind.
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How Much Of Your Kids Should You Share On Your Blog

Now that you know that not everyone has the best interest of your child in mind. Here are some tips for being extra careful about what you share online in regards to your kids.

  • Be smart about your password: If you are storing important information about your children in your blog, you don’t want just anyone getting that information. Be really smart about your password.
  • Ask someone else for their opinion: Maybe you’re not good at deciphering whether or not you’ve shared too much about your child.
  • Scale back: When it comes to talking about your child on your blog, the best thing you can do it scale it back a bit. Instead of talking about your child in every post, maybe mentioned them a few times a week. One day your child is going to have access to your blog, are you okay with them seeing what you have shared? Just a thought!
  • Don’t trust complete strangers: Don’t forget that most of the people reading your blog are complete strangers. Don’t give them too much information about your child just because you feel as though you can trust them. Honestly, in today’s world, you never know who you can trust.
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When it comes to the Internet, be prepared to trust no one. While you may want to trust them, it’s always best to just be cautious. No one wants to scare you, but hopefully, you’ll follow these tips of how much to share with your kids online.

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