Multiple Births – What To Expect?

Mixed Emotions

The fact that they are expecting multiples gives many parents mixed feelings. Because even when the wish for a child is finally fulfilled, mothers face a double challenge. If you are expecting multiples, try as early as possible to create a network of helpers who are willing to support you in everyday life.
Every bit of help is worth its weight in gold and allows you to look forward to the future in a more relaxed manner.

But pregnancy can also demand a lot from you. Multiple pregnancies are always considered risky pregnancies. However, these are not rare, though artificial insemination, or a genetic disposition on the mother’s side, the probability of a multiple pregnancy increases.

Signs Of Multiple Pregnancy

Perhaps you have suspected it all along. The following signs may indicate a multiple pregnancy:

  • Rapid and strong weight gain.
  • Very early large abdominal girth.
  • Recording of multiple heart sounds.
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You can determine multiple pregnancies for sure only by an ultrasound – examination at the gynecologist. There it is probably already recognizable whether one, two, or more fertilized eggs are involved. If from the ninth week of pregnancy, several heartbeats are visible in the ultrasound, you can be quite sure. You are going to be multiple mothers: Congratulations!

Multiple Pregnancies Are Different

Pregnancy with two or more children in the belly also means a higher physical strain for a pregnant woman. As an expectant multiple mothers, you are entitled to more intensive medical care in order to avoid complications. It is important to maintain the pregnancy as long as possible and to ensure that all children are well cared for.

The risk of premature labor is significantly increased in multiple pregnancies. That is why you should avoid physical exertion and stress and listen to your body. Multiples are often born by cesarean section, but natural births are also possible. Find out more about this.

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How Will You Feel During Pregnancy?

Don’t be depressed if they gain weight quickly. Be prepared to carry more weight than women expecting only one child. This is perfectly normal. Delivering more than one child may cause you anxiety. Talk to other people about their fears and get reassurance by having a conversation with your gynecologist.
You will learn that multiple births are becoming safer.

Are Pregnancy Symptoms More Severe?

Multiple mothers are more likely to suffer from pregnancy symptoms; after all, several children are growing in the womb. However, each pregnancy is individual.

What Do You Need To Pay Special Attention To?

  • As with any other pregnancy, you should pay attention to a healthy diet.
  • Since multiple pregnancies are high-risk pregnancies, more preventive examinations are necessary. Take advantage of them.
  • Take it easy on yourself and get help. If you already have children, provide occasional child care.
  • If you are working, take maternity leave early. Take your remaining vacation days.
  • Be prepared for premature births to occur. For example, about half of all twins are born at 37 weeks of pregnancy.
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The Birth

For multiple births of three babies or more, a cesarean section is generally advised. Twins can also be born naturally. The prerequisite is pregnancy without complications and that the first twin is in the right position. It is advised to give birth in the hospital.
The birth weight of multiples is often lower. Therefore, it is not uncommon for twins or triplets to be medically supported after birth.

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