My Breast Friend Breastfeeding Pillow

Product Description My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow

The My Breast Friend nursing pillow is a product that is excellently designed to meet the needs of the nursing mother.

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With this support, the baby does not need to be extra supported or lifted, as is often the case with other breastfeeding pillows. The firm pillow provides the optimal support for your child and in addition, the product still has a patented back support for your neck and back muscles. Tension due to poor posture during breastfeeding is thus a thing of the past.

Due to the relatively high degree of hardness, there is also no need for annoying kneading to achieve the perfect support height for your offspring. In addition, the My Breast Friend nursing pillow is equipped with a click closure, with which you can practically strap the pillow under your breast and also adjust it individually to your needs. The breastfeeding pillow also weighs less than 600 g, making it very easy to transport.

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According to the manufacturer, this pillow is particularly well suited for breastfeeding premature babies. Likewise, it is very suitable for mothers with cesarean section, as the pillow provides protection for the abdominal area.

Product Details

  • The nursing pillow has a click closure.
  • There is the nursing pillow in classic blue and white design.
  • The weight is less than 600 g.
  • The cover is 100% cotton and with zipper.
  • The cover is removable and washable at up to 40 ° C.
  • Inner part: foam – 100% from cold-foamed polyurethane.
  • The nursing pillow is especially suitable for premature babies and after a cesarean section.

Customer Reviews

The My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow is rated a very convincing 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars. Of the 16 reviews given, all of them were either 4 or 5 stars. So, there are no parents who bought the product and were completely dissatisfied with the delivered pillow, which of course gives hope for very high quality. A majority of customers (81%) also gave the breastfeeding pillow the highest possible rating of 5 stars. With which advantages the pillow could convince your customers so much and which possible points of criticism led to a low star deduction, we have clearly summarized for you here:

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Two mothers of twins praised the My Breast Friend nursing pillow in the highest tones, as it enabled you to breastfeed both babies at the same time. This time saving was an enormous relief for the young mothers, especially during long nights. Likewise, the pillow’s stable filling is very well received by mothers, as it immediately positions the baby at the right height. The nursing pillow is also particularly praised by moms who struggle with breastfeeding-related back pain.

Due to the stability of the pillow, there is certainly no need for slouching on the part of the mom. The product is not the cheapest on the market Nursing pillow on the market, but it is perfectly designed to meet the needs of the mother and her offspring. The price-performance ratio is therefore convincing and there is an unqualified purchase recommendation from most customers.

As a small point of criticism, it was stated that the My Breast Friend nursing pillow does not fit very slim women optimally, however, this is usually not too much of a problem. One mother of twins also criticized that the workmanship left something to be desired. After the first wash, the seams already gave way in some places. Otherwise, no negative points were made about the product.

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Perfect support and no annoying Zurechtformen the pillow are assured to you with this My Breast Friend product. Especially for mothers of twins, this breastfeeding pillow seems to be excellent, although the manufacturer explicitly states that it is not designed for this purpose However, with the My Breast Friend nursing pillow you are usually very well advised.

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