Nausea During Pregnancy: What Helps?

Many women suffer from nausea during pregnancy. Especially in the first three months, nausea is a typical complaint of early pregnancy. In most cases, it often occurs in the morning and subsides during the day. In some cases, some women even feel nauseous all day and can hardly keep food down. Nausea usually subsides after the first trimester of pregnancy, but it can reoccur sporadically or even at the end of pregnancy. In most cases, you can counteract nausea in pregnancy with simple preventive measures.

What Helps Against Nausea In Pregnancy?

Nausea in pregnancy is in most cases no reason for concern and also completely normal. However, if frequent vomiting occurs in connection with nausea, the pregnant woman may lose a lot of fluid and thus become dehydrated. This can have serious consequences for the woman as well as her baby. It is important to drink plenty of fluids and in case of emergency, it is better to consult the doctor. The reason for nausea during pregnancy can be hormonal changes. The female body must first adjust to the pregnancy and thus gets a little confused. Because of this, this unpleasant nausea can occur. Therefore, take sufficient rest breaks and do not overexert yourself. Often it also helps to change your diet and eat several smaller snacks instead of large meals. Make sure that these are nutritious and healthy and do not weigh heavily on the stomach. Women who suffer from morning sickness should fortify themselves with dry bread, rusks, or dried fruit in the morning, preferably before getting out of bed, and only get up afterward. Take it easy during the day. Stress is known to affect the stomach and can thus also lead to increased nausea. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Water and herbal teas like peppermint or chamomile help better than coffee and carbonated drinks.

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Home Remedies For Nausea During Pregnancy

Ginger and fennel can help as tea for nausea. Also, warm moist compresses with fruit vinegar or diluted lemon juice can be resorted to for nausea. To prevent nausea, frequent rest breaks also help, as well as sitting upright after eating, so that the stomach can retain the food. Some women find it good to have a small snack before sleeping. Such as yogurt, a slice of bread or a glass of milk. Especially if you also suffer from vomiting, this snack can have a strengthening effect at night and prevent vomiting in the morning. Exercise and fresh air are important during pregnancy. Taking a long walk can stimulate digestion and the fresh air helps to combat nausea. Small tip: Nausea caused by a feeling of fullness can be relieved well with caraway seeds. This stimulates digestion. Some women are very sensitive to certain smells and tastes. It is best to clear away anything that makes you feel sick to your stomach. You should also ventilate your apartment often or preferably sleep with the windows open to relieve persistent nausea during pregnancy.

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If nausea is severe and persistent during pregnancy, you should see your doctor. Avoid self-diagnosis to avoid harming yourself and your baby.

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