New Year’s Eve With Kids: Family-friendly Ideas For The Turn Of The Year

If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with children, you are faced with a number of questions: Party or quiet game night? Champagne or fennel tea? Rockets or noise protection? Vacation or stay at home?

Fortunately, the answer is quite simple: Even when celebrating New Year’s Eve with small and older children, there are many ways to create a nice evening. Why not make your New Year’s Eve with children just the way you like it! Are you short of ideas for what to do as a family on New Year’s Eve?

Then you should read on carefully at this point. You will find tips and suggestions on how to make New Year’s Eve with children a complete success and which short vacation on New Year’s Eve is worthwhile with children.

From a child-friendly buffet to suitable New Year’s Eve games, we have many New Year’s Eve ideas ready. Are you worried that it might be too noisy for your baby on New Year’s Eve? You can also read up on this topic here.

Fun For All Generations At The Turn Of The Year

A New Year’s Eve with kids doesn’t have to be a boring event, but it also doesn’t have to be completely tailored to the little ones. A good recipe is always to come up with ideas for New Year’s Eve that could be fun for the whole family and guests.

First, however, is the question of who you want to spend the New Year with and where. Should it be a New Year’s Eve only with the kids?

Do you celebrate at home or should it be a short vacation on New Year’s Eve with children? Can the grandparents or other family members join in the celebration or do you perhaps have friends with or without children with whom you would like to celebrate the New Year?

Keeping the New Year’s Eve celebration small and staying home has the advantage that you may have to do less preparation. If you only want to spend New Year’s Eve with the children and your partner, the effort is usually limited.

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A small dinner, drinks, and something to nibble on as well as suitable New Year’s Eve games as New Year’s Eve ideas are completely sufficient to create this special evening.

But maybe you want to celebrate a little bigger and share the fun of New Year’s Eve with kids with family and friends? There can be definite advantages to enlarging the circle of revelers. If grandma and grandpa are there, for example, childcare is already covered.

Many grandparents also like to bring food, which enriches the food selection of your New Year’s Eve celebration. If you have friends who are also spending their New Year’s Eve with children, just get together!

While the kids play together and are happy that they can stay up especially late today, the adults can also treat themselves to a glass of champagne and enjoy the evening together.

It is especially practical if there are sleeping places for all guests in the joint celebration location. This way, no one has to travel home on New Year’s Eve and smaller children and babies can be put to sleep earlier.

With the baby monitor, the little ones are always easy to hear. You can find out about all the functions in the baby monitor test.

Spending the turn of the year with family and friends is also a good option if a short vacation is planned for New Year’s Eve with children. This way, no one has to play host at home and you immediately have the advantage of a change of scenery.

Tips And New Year’s Eve Ideas For A Successful Party

Celebrating a successful New Year’s Eve with kids requires some preparation. If you know with whom you want to spend the turn of the year, it goes to the further planning.

If the New Year’s Eve with children takes place at home, you should decide where to eat and where there is room for New Year’s Eve games. The decorations can be a bit more colorful or glittery – whatever you like is allowed!

Not unimportant is also the question of food. For New Year’s Eve with children, it can be an unusual dish or a whole buffet of delicacies. If guests are invited, they can simply bring something with them.

If you don’t feel like it, you can of course order food. However, you should check in advance which delivery service is open on New Year’s Eve. Drinks, on the other hand, can be delivered a few days in advance if you don’t want to go shopping yourself.

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Depending on your personal taste, it is worthwhile to offer your guests the following delicacies:

  • Vegetable sticks with dip.
  • Colorful salads.
  • Potato/Pasta salad.
  • Sausages (for children hedgehog sausages or mini sausages).
  • Meatballs or small steaks.
  • Baguette or bread.
  • Dessert or ice cream.
  • Midnight soup.
  • Snacks and sweets.
  • Drinks with and without alcohol.

If you are celebrating New Year’s Eve with children, you should make sure that there are always variations for the little eaters. The easiest way to do this is to convert common dishes into a mini format and arrange them in a way that is suitable for children.

Colorful skewers and party dishes are also good ideas for New Year’s Eve to make the buffet also something for children. For older kids and if there are not too many guests, raclette and fondue are also good alternatives to the buffet.

However, this requires that the children already know how to handle the hot pans and skewers.

Once hunger has been satisfied, children can of course play games on New Year’s Eve. It’s practical if children find something to play with themselves. Otherwise, you can take the initiative and offer some New Year’s Eve games. Do you need New Year’s Eve ideas for entertainment?

These can be quite classic board games, such as different variants of “Mensch ärgere Dich Nicht”. Even very young players can join in here with a little help. A card game like “Uno” can also be a lot of fun and is also available in a junior edition for ages three and up.

The classic game “Charades”, in which various terms have to be pantomimed and guessed, does not require any aids at all. Great fun for anyone celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids!

Looking for more ideas for New Year’s Eve? How about casting figures with wax? Since most lead casting sets are banned, the wax casting is a nice and non-toxic alternative.

Especially fun for children is pot banging, especially if adults also participate.

If you don’t mind a few splashes of water, apple dipping is also among fun New Year’s Eve ideas. A large bowl filled with water and some apples forms the basis for the game. With arms folded behind their back, each player has to grab an apple with their mouth.

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Tip: Have towels ready!

As the evening approaches its climax, the balloon dance is also a great program item at New Year’s Eve with kids. The best way to dance to the music is for two partners of similar size to dance together, with a balloon wedged between them.

The winner is the one who can keep the balloon from falling the longest.

If you are still lacking New Year’s Eve ideas, ask your children and guests if they have any suggestions for the evening. A good tip is to ask each guest in advance for their favorite song and create a colorful playlist.

This way, everyone feels involved right away and is happy to participate in the New Year’s Eve program.

Keep Firecrackers And Rockets Away From Children

Opinions differ as to whether firecrackers and rockets are part of New Year’s Eve. Many people can’t spend the turn of the year without firecrackers and rockets, while others have big problems, especially with the loudness.

If you are spending New Year’s Eve with children, there are two main questions: Fireworks – yes or no? Noise protection – yes or no?

Firecrackers and rockets do not belong in the hands of children. If kids are interested in firecrackers and the like, they should only be allowed near fireworks on New Year’s Eve when accompanied by adults.

Older children can hold a sparkler in their hands under supervision. Firecrackers thrown on the ground are also child-friendly New Year’s Eve ideas and good alternatives to rockets and firecrackers.

Completely harmless are colorful glow-in-the-dark candles that can also be turned into bracelets and are therefore also suitable for New Year’s Eve with children. Funny for the home and a good addition to New Year’s Eve games is also the well-known table fireworks.

Are you completely averse to banging and want to protect your baby or small child from all the noise? Then you should make sure in advance that the child’s bedroom is noise-reduced.

If you live in an area where a lot of fireworks are set off, the windows are usually the most noise-permeable place. Pad them with pillows, blankets, or mattresses and the noise of the fireworks will be muffled.

Even bright light from rockets stays outside with this protection. If children go to bed before midnight on December 31 and the adults are still celebrating, a baby monitor helps to ensure that the little ones can be heard.

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Up And Away: Short Vacation On New Year’s Eve With Children

If you don’t fancy the hustle and bustle of the city at all, you should think about a short vacation over New Year’s Eve with children. A trip at the turn of the year has several advantages. On the one hand, you save planning and effort for a New Year’s Eve celebration at home.

And you can collect a few new impressions with your family after the Christmas holidays. A short vacation on New Year’s Eve with children also allows you to book accommodation with more space than in your own four walls.

A hotel, which may even offer a children’s program for the New Year’s Eve party, is just as suitable as a vacation apartment or a vacation home.

But which destinations are recommended for a short vacation on New Year’s Eve with children?

New Year’s Eve With Children At The Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is a very classic destination for a short vacation on New Year’s Eve with children. Many families book a vacation home here and enjoy the peace and quiet at the turn of the year and the clear winter air.

Even if you can’t swim in December, beach walks wrapped up thickly are still fun.

New Year’s Eve With Kids In The Mountains

Your kids are already a little older and can maybe even ski or toboggan with pleasure? Then a short vacation over New Year’s Eve with kids in the Bavarian Alps or Tyrol in Austria can be a real blast.

There may not be a big fireworks display everywhere, but there is real fun on the slopes during a family vacation.

New Year’s Eve With Children In A Theme Park

Do you want to offer your children at the turn of the year, take a look at the hotels of the various amusement parks in Germany?

Such a short vacation on New Year’s Eve with children means pure fun, a colorful social program for the kids, and with a little luck also some wellness for you.

No matter how you want to spend your New Year’s Eve with children – we wish you and your family a happy New Year and lots of fun celebrating!

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