Nordic Names: Find The Right Name For Your Daughter Or Son

You are pregnant, the birth of your daughter or son is imminent and you are looking for the right name? Since Nordic names are becoming more and more popular, we have put together a selection of Nordic girl and boy names for you. Maybe you will find the right one for your baby!

Nordic names remind of strong fighters from sagas and stories. At the same time, we associate elven and fairy-like figures and gods from Norse mythology with you. There is no fixed definition of what exactly belongs to the “North” and “Nordic” can be seen as a collective term. Among other things, Nordic first names originate from Scandinavia and have their origins in ancient Norse languages and Norse mythology.

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The Nordic languages are descended from the Germanic languages. Therefore, they are distantly related to German. Swedish, Norwegian, Faroese, Danish and Icelandic belong to the North Germanic languages. German belongs to the West Germanic languages.

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The area for the origin of Nordic languages can also be extended to North Germany and North Holland. Then Low German and Frisian names also belong to Nordic boy and fairy tale names.

Possibly for the reason of the linguistic relationship many of the Nordic first names sound familiar to us and at the same time they are again something special. It is quite possible that it is exactly this mixture that makes the names so popular in this country.

Nordic Names For Girls

Letters Names With Meaning
A Agneta: Scandinavian form of AgnesAlva: feminine form of the Swedish name Alvar, “the elf”, “the fairy “
Annika: Nordic cose form of Anna, “the gifted one”

B Berit: Nordic variant of Birgit, “helper”
Bloma: Scandinavian girl’s name, “flower”
C Caja: Swedish form of Kaja, “the pure one”
D Dagny: Scandinavian girl’s name, “new day”
Ditte: Danish cose form of Dorothea
E Elida: Icelandic girl’s name, variant of EllidhiElina
FFia: Scandinavian short form of Sophie, “the wise one “
Finja: Norse girl’s name, “pure, beautiful”
Freya: in Norse mythology the goddess of love and beauty

GGerda: Old Norse and Old High German girl’s name, “the protector “
Gunhilda: Old Scandinavian two-letter name
H Helvi: Finnish girl’s name, “the fighter”
IIida: Finnish girl’s name, “troublesome “
Ingeborg: Scandinavian girl’s name “protected by God”
Inka: Frisian cose form of Ingeborg, “protected by God”

J Jaana: Finnish variant of Johanna, “the God-graced one”
Joona: Finnish variant of Jonah, “the peace-loving one”
K Katariina: Finnish form of Katharina, “the pure one”
Kirsi: Finnish form of Christine, “the cherry”
L Lilja: Swedish, Icelandic and Finnish girl’s name, “the lily”
Lille: Scandinavian girl’s name, “the little one”
Luina: Finnish girl’s name, “the queen of the moon”

M Maila: Finnish cose form of Maria, “the beloved”
Mildri: Nordic girl’s name, “mild”, “lovely”
N Noora: Finnish girl’s name “a camp”
Norna: name of the goddess of fate
OOda: old German name, feminine form of Otto
P Pauliina: Scandinavian girl’s name, “the little one”
Pihla: Scandinavian girl’s name, “rowan tree”
R Ragnfrid: Scandinavian girl’s name, “lovely goddess”
Raija: Scandinavian girl’s name, “the rising sun”
S Satu: Finnish girl’s name, “fairy tale”
Senja: Scandinavian girl’s name, “the strong one”
T Thala: variant of the Frisian form of Adelheid
Tindra: Scandinavian girl’s name, “glittering”, “sparkling”
Tuulia: Finnish girl’s name, “the wind”

UUlrika: Scandinavian form of Ulrike
VValpu: nordic girl’s name, “the ruler “
Veera: nordic girl’s name, “the trustworthy one”
WWilma: abbreviation of Wilhelmine, “the resolute protector”
Y Yva: Swedish version of Eva
Norse names for girls

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Nordic Names For Boys

Letters Names With Meaning
A Aegir: Scandinavian boy name, “man of the sea”, “giant of the sea “
Alvar: old Norse two-letter name
Anders: Swedish form of Andreas “the manly one”, “the brave one”

B Bent: Danish boy’s name
swedish boy’s name, “the bear”
swedish boy’s name, “the firmly resolved”, “the settled”
CCasper: Scandinavian Dutch boy’s name, “treasurer “
Carlson: Swedish boy’s name, “son of Carl”
D Deik: Frisian boy’s name, “the one of the people”
E Erik: Swedish boy’s name, “the sole ruler”
nordic boy name
norwegian and Danish variant of the Old Norse name Asbjorn
FFindus: Swedish boy’s name, “the faithful one “
Finn: Scandinavian boy’s name, “the blond one”, “the Finn”
G Gilby: nordic boys name, “a promise”
scandinavian form of Günther, “the fighter”
H Halsten: Swedish boy’s name, “a rock”
from Norse mythology, “the healer”
I Ilari: Finnish boy’s name, “the cheerful one”
nordic variant of Ingvar, “the army leader”
J Jannik: Danish cose form for Jan, “God is kind”
norwegian, Icelandic boy’s name, “free, noble, distinguished man”, “little king”
low German and Frisian form of Kaspar, “the treasurer”
K Kaarlo: Finnish boy’s name, “strong”
finnish boy’s name, “war leader”, “God sets things right”
north German and Scandinavian boy’s name, “the Bold”
L Lars: Swedish short form of the German name Lorenz, “der Lorbeerbekränzte” (the laurel-wreathed)
Cose form of Lars
swedish pet name, “little brother
scandinavian variant of Ludwig or Louis, “the famous fighter”
M Mads: Scandinavian short form of Matthias, “the gift of God
finnish boy’s name of Hebrew origin, “who is like God?”
N Nielson: Danish short form of Nicholas, “son of Niels”
God from Norse mythology
O Odin: in Norse mythology the highest of all gods
old Scandinavian boy’s name, “descendant of the great-grandson”
scandinavian boy name, “the descendant of the ancestor”
P Peder/ Peter: nordic form of Peter, known as the name of the holy apostle Peter
R Ragnar: Scandinavian form of Rainer, “the (divine) council of the hosts
scandinavian short form of the originally Greek name Erasmus, “the hot one”
S Samu: short form of Samuel, “the one exalted by God”
old nordic two-letter boy’s name, “victor”, “protector”
Dwarf of Norse mythology, “glittering”
T Terje: norwegian form of Thorger, “spear
swedish variant of the Norwegian name Thorbjörn
old nordic boy name, “thunder god”, “bear
VVegard: Old Norse boy name, “protection”
Norse names for boys

Finding the right name for your baby is not easy. After all, the choice of names is huge. This does not make it easy to decide on a very specific name. Besides, it is an important and long-term decision for your baby, he will eventually carry the name all his life.

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We hope our list of Nordic names could inspire you in your name search. If you need more suggestions, please have a look at our other name lists: Maybe you will find the right name among Latin names, biblical names, Turkish girls‘ names, or Turkish or German boys‘ names. Maybe our regulations can also help you, what constitutes allowed and forbidden names. Or you are looking for a very rare boy or girl name.


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