Nosebleeds During Pregnancy: What To Do?

Although nosebleeds are very unpleasant, they are completely normal during pregnancy. A pregnant woman’s blood volume increases to about 50 percent by the end of her pregnancy, and pregnancy hormones cause blood vessels to become increasingly loose and dilated. This can put more pressure on the sensitive veins of the nose, leading to nosebleeds during pregnancy. Especially in winter, the membrane of the nose can also swell and dry out. Therefore, under these circumstances, it may be quicker for the fine veins to rupture, leading to nosebleeds.

What To Do If Your Nose Bleeds During Pregnancy?

If your nose starts to bleed, stay seated or sit down. Bend your head forward to allow the blood to come out through your nose. Gently squeeze your nostrils for about five to ten minutes to stop the bleeding. Do not lie down to do this. Doing so can cause the blood to run into your stomach and lead to dizzy spells and even nausea. A cold washcloth or ice pack wrapped in a towel and placed on the back of your neck can also help stop the nosebleed. You can also put a few drops of lemon juice on a fresh handkerchief and gently insert it into your nose to stop the bleeding. If you have nosebleeds very often, you should talk to your doctor about them. If the usual methods to stop nosebleeds do not help you, your doctor is definitely your next point of contact. In most cases, nosebleeds go away after your baby is born. Nosebleeds can be treated very well with some methods during pregnancy. For example, your doctor can use tamponade, as well as sclerosing the bleeding vessels with electrocoagulation forceps. However, if the bleeding nose problem occurs very frequently and also very severely, it can also be a sign of high blood pressure or other diseases. For example, high blood pressure can be a sign of pregnancy poisoning.

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Home Remedies For Nosebleeds During Pregnancy

To prevent your nose from drying out, you can apply Vaseline to the sides of your nostrils. This way, especially in winter, due to the dry heating air or even in summer due to the climate, you will prevent your nose from drying out and the veins from cracking. You can also resort to a greasy and moisturizing cream and use it regularly. Also, when blowing your nose, make sure to blow your nose very gently and carefully. If you blow your nose too hard, it can lead to nosebleeds. Drinking plenty of fluids is very important during pregnancy. This will help keep your tissues and also mucous membranes hydrated enough to prevent cracking. Make use of sugar-free drinks such as water, herbal and fruit teas as well as milk, buttermilk, or fruit spritzers. You should drink about two liters a day. If it is hot, even more. Often it can also help if you inhale water vapor. You can combat dry air in your rooms with a moisturizer. These are not very expensive and can help to make the climate in your home as well as in the office much better.

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