Not All Children Like To Go To School

For many children, the alarm clock usually rings at around half past six in the morning. Then there’s not much time left and it’s off to school.

Many Are Even Afraid Of School

But not all children are happy about this. Not because they have to get up so early, but because they have to go to school. Sure, many look forward to their friends, of course, or to the breaks, where you can have a lot of fun together.

But very many children would prefer not to get up in the morning and not to go to school. There are even some who get stomach aches, headaches or suffer from nausea. These children are really afraid of going to school.

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Fear Can Have Many Causes

This fear in children can have various causes. For example, it may be that the children are totally overwhelmed with the school material. Other students have no problems with it, because they are actually already good students. But there are some of them who want to become better and better themselves, who want to get even better grades. At some point, they don’t want to go to school anymore because they are afraid of failing. But it is not only problems in class that can make students afraid of school. Other classmates can also make you not want to go to school. Especially if you are constantly teased, if you maybe even get beatings at school. This is called bullying (click on this LINK to learn more about bullying). If this is the case, then you have to get help very quickly.

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