Nuclear Talks With Iran To Be Extended

The nuclear talks that have been conducted for years Nuclear Talks between the UN and Iran will, once again, be extended. Both sides have agreed that the talks will continue, a spokesman for U.S. President Obama said. In recent years, the talks have been getting better and better, so Iran can hope for UN approval of its nuclear program and for the lifting of sanctions against the country.

Iran’s Nuclear Program

There has been a dispute between the UN and Iran for years. Iran wants the right, just like many other countries, to get its energy from nuclear power plants. The UN, and especially some of Iran’s neighbors such as Israel, feel threatened by Iran’s nuclear program and think that not energy production but the construction of Nuclear weapons is Iran’s goal. Therefore, there are talks to make sure that Iran uses nuclear power only for peaceful purposes. In April 2015, a paper came out in Switzerland in a process that laid out the key points for such a treaty. This was attended by the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany participated.

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Sanctions Continue To Be Suspended

Against Iran, the UN actually provides for little or little trade with them. These punitive measures, called sanctions, are intended to punish Iran for continuing its nuclear program even though they do not have UN approval to do so yet. However, as long as the talks are ongoing, these sanctions will not be implemented. In the next few days, there will probably be an agreement that provides for inspections by the UN in Iran’s nuclear facilities and all sanctions will then probably be lifted completely.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

The Nuclear talks are about whether to allow Iran to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

The UN (stands for “United Nation” and translates as “United Nations”) is an organization in which almost all the countries of the world participate. The goal of the UN is, among other things, to fight hunger in the poor parts of the world and to ensure peace in the world.

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Nuclear weapons are the worst weapons that exist in the world. They have such destructive power that they can destroy an entire city.

The UN Security Council is supposed to work for the maintenance and enforcement of peace in the world. It has 5 permanent members (USA, England, France, China, Russia) with a so-called veto, which means that these members can block any decision so that no agreement is reached. In addition, there are members without veto power, such as Germany.

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