Nursing Bra: So You Can Breastfeed Your Baby Comfortably And Easily

A nursing bra becomes an issue for many women early in pregnancy. Because with a nursing bra, easy and comfortable breastfeeding is guaranteed. Shortly after conception, the female body changes rapidly. Your breasts can become up to three or more cups larger during pregnancy.

Learn more about the different nursing and pregnancy bras and what to consider.

Why Your Breasts Are Growing Now

Pregnancy marks the beginning of an exciting time for women – and certainly for you. At the same time, it is characterized by change. Your hormones trigger a number of changes in your body immediately after fertilization.

The first signs are feelings of tension and sensitivity in your breasts, as you know from premenstrual syndrome (PMS for short). The mammary glands in your breasts are preparing for the time after birth and are growing.

Your breasts appear fuller. This is a nice side effect that many women welcome during pregnancy. First of all, no one can tell you exactly how big your breasts will grow during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

On average, you can expect one to three cup sizes. Sometimes it is more. Every woman’s body is different. The sizes listed here are only a guide. You may need to calculate your bra size more than once.

The fact that your breasts grow during pregnancy brings a problem with it. Your existing bras will not fit for a long time. They will quickly become too small. In addition to the cups, the underbust circumference may be corrected upwards by about one size.

As you can see, you may have to calculate your bra size again. It may be time to mothball your favorite bra and put it away for after weaning.

But don’t worry: nursing bras and pregnancy bras are much more aesthetically pleasing these days than you might think. You as a pregnant woman are allowed to feel sexy and beautiful during this special time. Flaunt your newfound curves for yourself or your partner.

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Finally Finding The Right Nursing Bra Size: A Tedious Topic

Regardless of pregnancy, the bra issue is stressful enough for some women. Being able to calculate the right bra size is not always easy even before pregnancy. Even before, it is difficult for many women to find the right bra in the right size.

Women with large breasts know the problem. A pregnancy throws first of all again everything over the heap. The search for the perfect bra begins again and it is time to calculate the bra size.

But stop! Frustration does not have to be pre-programmed. There are numerous brands, such as “Medela” or “Anita”, which specialize in nursing bras or maternity underwear. On their websites, you can also calculate your bra size.

Large fashion chains such as H and M or Bonprix offer a variety of bras for expectant mothers. There is something for every budget and every fashion taste. From simple models to playful or sensual bras, everything is represented.

Some women wait with the purchase of a nursing bra until the milk shot to be able to calculate the right bra size. It may be that you see milk coming out occasionally during your pregnancy.

These are test runs of your body. The productive milk flow definitely takes place after the birth. You can count on even more volume during the milk supply. Before you worry about an atomic breast.

As a rule, such a sudden increase in the growth of your breasts is only the case at the beginning. After about one to two weeks of breastfeeding, your body will have adapted to the new situation and the needs of your baby. At the latest then you should calculate your current bra size and purchase a nursing bra.

Pregnancy Bra: Is It Worth It At All?

Of course, you have to decide for yourself individually whether a special bra makes sense for you during pregnancy. The pregnancy bra is not the same as a nursing bra. Underwear for breastfeeding fulfills other requirements.

Pregnancy bras do not have the fold-out cups typical of nursing bras. Instead, the focus of such a bra is on comfort and resembles a normal bra. Ideally, your pregnancy bra will grow with you.

If you are thinking about buying a special bra for your pregnancy, look for a seamless finish and elastic material. Get advice at a specialty store and calculate your bra size there.

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Bustier Or Bralette For Pregnancy

Bustiers or bralettes are ideal for this time. You can wear them even after your pregnancy and breastfeeding. Often these bras are made of elastic material. So, depending on the brand and model, you can buy your old cup size.

In case of doubt, you will have to adjust the bra sizes minimally upwards. Nevertheless, thanks to a yielding material, such as spandex, you still have enough room for the growth of your breast. Do you own bralettes? Check them out. Does nothing press or chafe?

Especially in the breast area and the surrounding area? Perfect! If you don’t own one yet: Have a look around. Some women buy – for the relatively short period of pregnancy – first of all a cheap set of pregnancy bras. The focus is on comfort. Money you can take in hand when it comes to nursing bras.

What Is Actually A Nursing Bra?

A nursing bra is self-explanatory in its function. But many pregnant women ask themselves: do you need a nursing bra? In principle, the answer to this question is up to each woman herself. Many nursing mothers prefer to wear such a bra in the period after birth until weaning.

The materials from which the bras are made are soft and supple. A seamless finish ensures comfortable wearing around the clock. The best argument for a nursing bra are the hinged cups.

They allow you to hold your baby in one arm and expose the bra cup with the other hand. The cup can be opened with different closures.

Among them:

  • The clip closure.
  • The magnetic closure.
  • With buttons.

Regardless of the type of closure you choose, such a bra is enormously practical. There are other models in which you can easily push the cup aside. In any case, a nursing bra is helpful.

With a regular bra, the nursing mother has to pull the bra cup up or down over the breast. This is uncomfortable for you, the baby, and your breast with the frequency. In public, it is not as discreet as you might wish. Your breasts are in constant use during breastfeeding.

Even when you are not actively breastfeeding your baby, milk is forming in your glands. A normal bra can squeeze the milk glands and this can lead to milk engorgement. Milk stasis is an unpleasant experience during breastfeeding. Therefore, it is important to prevent it.

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Nursing Bra: Developed TogetherWwith Midwives

Fashion industries count on the experience of midwives. They help develop modern nursing bras. This means that, among other things, they usually fit so well that you do not feel them. In addition, they give your breasts support and space, so that milk congestion can not arise.

In addition, you can safely insert nursing pads without them slipping or falling out. Especially at night or on the road, this is very convenient.

The Nursing Bra With Underwires – Nice, But Dangerous?

It is not uncommon for mothers to reach for a nursing bra with underwires. Outside of their own four walls, many women prefer the form-fitting stability of such a bra. In principle, there is nothing wrong with a nursing bra with underwires. However, it is recommended to wear a bra without underwires at least during the night.

Due to the nightly sleeping movements and lying positions, the breast and the mammary glands can be squeezed by the underwires. This favors milk engorgement during the breastfeeding period. For everyday wear, however, nursing bras with underwires are designed to prevent milk retention.

Here you have all the advantages of a nursing bra with underwires:

  • Give shape and stability.
  • Usable for every breast.
  • Suitable for large bust sizes.
  • Familiar wearing feeling.

Underwired Nursing Bra – How Good Is It Really?

The underwired version of the nursing bra is often more common. This is due to the wearing comfort that many pregnant women and nursing mothers prefer. You already know bralettes and bustiers. Not only are they trendy, but they can possibly be used as a pregnancy or nursing bra.

However, with a special underwire-free nursing bra, you enjoy the advantage of being able to safely use nursing pads. Only women with larger breasts they do not give so much support and shape. If you had a large or heavy bust before you became pregnant, you may prefer a bra with underwire.

Some non-underwire styles have soft cups or pre-shaped and reinforced cups that provide at least some shape and stability. Try yourself out in that regard.

All the advantages of an underwired nursing bra at a glance:

  • High wearing comfort.
  • Can be worn at night without hesitation.
  • Supportive for small or light breasts.

You Don’t Want To Breastfeed – Is A Nursing Bra Still Necessary?

It may be that you don’t want to breastfeed. Or you can’t. That is perfectly okay. Every woman has different reasons. Sometimes the breast produces too little milk. Breastfeeding is painful for some mothers or you don’t feel comfortable. However, your body needs some time to react to not breastfeeding.

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With a nursing bra you create a small remedy for your body. Because in the bra you can, as already mentioned, insert nursing pads. In the beginning, the milk-giving reflex of your breasts may still be very high. This means that milk will come out when you interact with your baby or touch your breasts. This is normal and will dry up over time.

Why A Nursing Bra Is Important At Night

Your breasts are plump and full of breast milk. From time to time even overfull. Wearing a nursing bra overnight can help you not to wake up with a wet top in the morning. As exaggerated as it sounds, this has certainly happened to some mothers.

Regardless of whether you are actively breastfeeding or not: After birth, your body works automatically in this respect and releases milk through the nipples. At any time. Even overnight. If you use a well-fitting nursing bra with nursing pads during this time, you can continue to sleep in peace.

Calculate Bra Sizes: How Does It Work?

Nothing is as important as the right size for your nursing bra. To be able to calculate your bra size, you basically already have the necessary knowledge. You know what is comfortable and uncomfortable. Online there are many ways to calculate your bra size.

All you need at home is often a tape measure or a well-fitting bra. For your cup size, you need to measure the circumference of your chest at the nipple level.

For the underbust band, the number before the letter (e.g. 75 C), you measure the circumference of your ribcage just below your breasts. You can find many sites on the Internet that offer you exactly the same or similar instructions to calculate your ideal bra size.

On the Internet you can also find tables with which you can calculate and read out your bra size. Sometimes you will come across websites where you only have to enter the values in fields and you can automatically calculate your bra size. Again, try out different sites, order or buy some bras and decide according to how you feel.


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