Nutrition Day Draws Attention To Food Waste

Last Friday was World Food Day. This day is not a holiday, but it should make people aware of how important food is for us humans. Especially in our country, where we have food in abundance, we are very wasteful with it.

The Theme This Year Was Waste

Children, do you have any idea how much food is thrown away here in Germany alone? No? Well then, hold on to your hat. It’s exactly 300 kg of food per second. That’s hard to imagine, but it’s really true. A huge amount comes together there every day. This is especially bad because there are still many places in the world where especially children have to starve because they have too little to eat. That’s why this year on World Food Day, which always takes place on October 16, attention was drawn to this waste. The politicians and also many Aid organizations would like to see less food being thrown away and people here at home being a little more careful with food.

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It Is Difficult To Distribute Food Fairly

You will surely think that food, which is too abundant here, can be given to the children who are hungry. That’s right, and food must be distributed better. Especially in such countries where people have too little or can only eat very unhealthy. But unfortunately, it is not so easy and you have to seriously think of something really smart.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Aid organizations are Organisationen or mechanisms, which made it their duty to help humans or animals or to protect material assets such as particularly worth protecting cultural assets. Known mainly humanitarian aid organizations, which focus on helping people. The two largest types of humanitarian aid organizations are emergency aid organizations and development aid organizations.

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