Painting The Baby Belly – Great Reminder Of The Time Until The Birth

Artfully painted spherical baby belly looks beautiful. Photos of the belly painted with love are a lasting memory of a unique time.

Whether as an event at the baby shower, together with a good friend, or with older siblings – painting the baby bump is a ritual that gives us breathtakingly beautiful moments. It becomes a special event when you, together with your partner, let a great idea become a real little work of art.

Every pregnancy is a small miracle that you will always remember with pleasure. The photos of your painted belly will accompany you for many years and give you and your family much joy.

You don’t know which motif is the right one for you? Then just let us inspire you.

We will also tell you which colors you can use without hesitation and where you can buy them.

Turn Your Baby Bump Into A Canvas! Baby Bump Painting Made Easy

Before you can get started, you should get the right colors. To paint the baby bump, you can use all colors that are skin-friendly.

To make sure that you can wash them off without any problems, you should use water-soluble paints if possible. You can find special paints for painting the baby bump in stores.

But you can also simply use your kohl pencil for other purposes. Finger paints and standard carnival makeup are also ideal for turning your belly into a small work of art.

However, you should be careful with water-based or acrylic paints from a tube. Although they are particularly intense, they can cause skin irritation.

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Just have a look, maybe you already have the necessary equipment at home? If you already have children, you can certainly find a suitable assortment of finger paints. However, for the reasons already mentioned, it is better to put the watercolor box to one side.

If you want to buy new paints, you can easily find professional carnival make-up or special paint sets for painting the baby bump on the Internet.

Where Can You Buy Special Paint For Baby Belly Painting?

There are many suppliers who sell special paints for baby belly painting. There you will find great water-based make-up paints that not only cover very well and adhere just as well but are also dermatologically tested.

So you can be sure that the skin of your baby bump, which is already stressed by pregnancy, is not exposed to additional stress.

The color is also fragrance-free and sweat-proof so that your masterpiece does not run again immediately. You can easily wash off the color with water later.

Can I Also Use Henna Paint To Paint My Baby Bump?

Henna paint lasts a little longer than conventional paints. Therefore, many women prefer this popular dye. But before you reach for the paintbrush, you should consult your midwife.

Henna dye may contain chemicals that you should avoid. Substances such as phenylenediamines (PPD) are said to cause allergies.

The chemical processed especially in cheaper or lower quality henna products may not be processed in commercial cosmetics.

You should therefore make sure that the color you choose is made on a purely natural basis and does not contain any chemical additives.

If your skin is rather dry and sensitive, you should also avoid a henna tattoo.

Where Can You Find Great Ideas For Painting Your Baby Bump? Are There Motif Templates?

There are almost endless possibilities to put the pretty baby bump in the limelight. Many women choose a surprise egg or one of the popular Walt Disney cartoon characters.

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Animal motifs are also very popular. As a symbol of the blossoming of new life, many parents-to-be also opt for a spring tree or flowers blooming in cheerful pink.

Of course, babies are also a very popular motif. Those who are not particularly talented can fall back on floral motifs, which are relatively easy to do and still look very pretty.

Before you get started, you should have a clear idea of how your belly should look after painting. Basically, there are no limits to your imagination.

However, the chosen motif should correspond to the artistic skills of the painter. To pre-draw, the motif is best suited to kohl. Then the potential artist can decorate the motif with bright colors and make the motif shine.

Some Unusual Ideas For Painting The Baby Bump

For example, you can paint a clock on the baby bump that shows five to twelve. This symbol does not necessarily have to be negatively charged, but can also announce in a funny way, the upcoming event.

Since our lives are characterized by digitalization, you can also choose a counterpart from the computer-dominated world. For example, how about a loading bar that shows the progress of the pregnancy?

Here are a few more fun ideas at a glance:

  • How about a first portrait of the future earthling?
  • Something simpler – a colorful mandala.
  • A baby hatching from the egg.
  • A baby hand sticking out of the belly, holding a flag with the future name of the little bundle of joy.
  • A spiral or an optical illusion.

For less gifted artists, there are also great symbols or even enchanting sayings. Whichever motif you ultimately choose – it will be your very own personal baby bump artwork.

If you choose a picture of the baby, the joy is twice as great, because you carry your offspring not only in you but also for all to see on the belly. Painting the baby belly is huge fun for everyone involved.

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Especially if the new arrival already has older siblings, they will enjoy the time together with the baby in the belly. They can playfully approach the upcoming event and are perfectly involved in the pregnancy.

And the result in the form of an artistically valuable baby bump will fill not the only mom with a lot of pride.

Painting The Baby Bump – Some Useful Advice

You want to prepare yourself artistically for the birth and paint your baby bump, but you don’t really know how to proceed? To decorate your baby bump in style, you should, for example, ask your partner, your children, or a friend for help.

It is important that your belly already has a necessary curve. The larger the circumference of your belly, the better your chosen motif will usually look.

Ideal is a painting in the 35th to 37th week of pregnancy. At this time, the baby bump is particularly beautifully formed.

You need a template so that the artist can orientate himself on it. For example, there are stencils for window pictures that you can possibly use for your purposes. At least you should have a finished picture on paper available, as this makes the work much easier.

To paint your baby bump, you should definitely stand. You or your painting partner can simply apply the contours with a fine pencil, such as white kohl.

The selected shape can be painted with a brush. Do not forget to set light and shadow. How do you do this? You must decide from which side the light should fall. Then you paint this a little brighter.

You can work out details wonderfully with an eyeliner. You can also set wonderful accents with glittery powder.

Helpful Tips For Painting The Baby Bump

  • When choosing the motif, pay attention to artistic skills.
  • Choose a round motif if possible.
  • Pre-draw the motif on a piece of paper for practice first.
  • A drawing template makes the work easier.
  • Choose warm colors if possible.
  • Paint standing up.
  • Use glitter to create highlights.
  • Make sure that the colors are not harmful to the skin.
  • Choose water-soluble colors.
  • Choose colors that are soluble in grease.
  • For the subsequent photos, make sure you have an appealing background or a beautiful location.
  • Do not forget good lighting when taking pictures.
  • Don’t skimp on pictures, the larger the selection, the better the result. Deleting is always possible!
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If you are looking for more detailed instructions, you will certainly find a video or two on YouTube.

Painting A Baby Bump With An Unlimited Shelf Life?

If you want to preserve your baby bump for eternity, or at least for a long time, you can make a plaster cast. This is very easy and is a wonderful reminder of your pregnancy, which you can later show your little treasure.

A plaster cast offers the advantage that you can use other colors that have a better radiance, such as acrylic paints.

Painting the baby bump itself is also much easier. In addition, you can also take a little more time to calmly achieve a perfect result.

Painting Baby Belly – Fun For The Whole Family

Pregnancy is an exciting time that unfortunately passes far too quickly. Embedded in the everyday duties, there is hardly any time to reflect on the essentials.

The birth of a new life is something incredibly wonderful that deserves maximum attention. It is important to create small free spaces again and again in which the growing life takes center stage.

Painting the baby bump is one of those moments when you can become one with the new love of your life. And the best part is that you can share it with your other favorite people!

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