PEKiP – Why Early Intervention Is So Popular With Parents

There are countless methods of education, but you do not know exactly which is the best? You’ve probably heard of PEKiP. But what is behind this method of education and is it suitable for every child?

Everything you need to know about PEKiP, you will find in this article.

What Is PEKiP And How Important Is The Early Education For Children?

PEKiP is the short form of “Prague Parent-Child Program”. It is special education, movement, and play program for families with their children. Especially babies and toddlers in the first year of life are addressed with this kind of early support.

The aim of PEKiP is to inspire and enthuse babies and toddlers through targeted movement, play and sensory stimulation. The aim is to accompany and support the child’s development from the very beginning.

PEKiP Early Intervention – Parents And Child Benefit

A PEKiP course not only focuses on early support, but can also strengthen and intensify the relationship between parents and child in the long term. A promising “side effect” is also that PEKiP children can make contact with peers and their parents.

Consequently, social behavior is shaped by PEKiP early intervention. And this also proves to be very beneficial in terms of child development.

PEKiP – Targeted Early Intervention For Boys And Girls

PEKiP helps to promote the exchange of experiences as well as contact between mothers and fathers. All interested parents can participate in a PEKiP course with their children. Especially children with developmental delays will benefit from a PEKiP course.

A PEKiP program is very diverse. In the PEKiP room, soft mats are spread out on the floor – usually in different colors. Mothers and fathers sit on them with their children. The little ones can sit or lie down and move around as they wish.

A Cozy Atmosphere In The PEKiP Class

The temperature in the room is pleasantly warm. This is because the babies are undressed in the PEKiP course. According to experts, naked babies usually move more intuitively, more spontaneously. They also perceive themselves and their environment more intensively. A particularly important aspect is the direct skin contact between parents and children.

Discovering The Little World Through PEKiP Early Intervention

Under professional guidance, mothers and fathers receive play and movement stimuli that are optimally suited to the individual developmental stage of their offspring. To ensure this, direct communication between parents and PEKiP trainers is necessary.

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Only in this way can the PEKiP group leader find out where the child stands developmentally. In the course of this, he or she can also find out whether there may be a developmental delay. In this article, you will learn about the advantages of PEKiP and how you can get the best out of a PEKiP course for your child.

When two new moms or dads talk about their babies, the first question is usually, “Will you take your child to a PEKiP class, too?” In fact, PEKiP early intervention has been trending for many years.

It is irrelevant whether there is a developmental delay in the baby or whether your child is growing and thriving according to his or her age. In the PEKiP course, the specific needs of the little participants are always taken into account.

Accordingly, we only play with the child when it is clear that he or she really enjoys it at that moment. If, on the other hand, the child is tired or sleepy, its parents may let it sleep. If the child is hungry or thirsty, he or she gets something to eat and drink. The motto of PEKiP is “Everything can, nothing must”.

A PEKiP course always proceeds in an informal way and with the background that the little ones and the big ones feel completely at ease.

The Essential Aspects Of PEKiP Early Intervention

PEKiP early intervention gives mothers and fathers the opportunity to spend even more time with their babies. In doing so, PEKiP offers them the opportunity to individually adjust to the needs of their offspring.

Parents can specifically observe their baby under guidance and consciously perceive its individual stage of development through PEKiP. Any developmental delays can also be identified in the course of this.

The goal of PEKiP is also to play with the child, to receive play suggestions as well as inspiration and instructions. This makes developmental play and concentration exercises easier to do at home.

The bond between parents and child is strengthened in the long term. You can make contact with other parents in the PEKiP group and exchange experiences. You can experience new things and simply have fun together.


Many a PEKiP course has already resulted in long-lasting friendships. So not only the children but also their parents benefit from a PEKiP course.

With PEKiP You Do Something Good For Your Child

As soon as the baby is born, everyone wants to take care of it and spoil it to the best of their ability. Parents, friends, acquaintances, and, of course, grandparents usually take great pleasure in buying toys, stuffed animals, or cute clothes for the new arrival.

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But it is also highly recommended to register for a PEKiP course. Because in the course of it the small treasure is promoted child-fairly and supported in its development after forces. PEKiP has developed about 30 years ago and is based on pedagogically valuable and very well thought-out play and development ideas for babies in the first 12 months of life.

PEKiP – Achieving Great Things With Little Effort

Instead of buying lots of expensive toys that – according to the manufacturers – promote individual development, a PEKiP course follows the motto: “Less is more”. Thus, the PEKiP program is, among other things, about supporting and promoting the baby age-appropriate already with simple means and with little effort.

A PEKiP group usually consists of six to eight babies or toddlers who are roughly in the same age group. From the 4th week of your child’s life, you can participate in a PEKiP course. As a rule, the PEKiP group stays together for the entire first year of life.

Early Intervention Shows: Babies Are Not Completely Helpless

Even if it seems like it at first glance: Your little treasure already has a number of relevant abilities from the first day of life. He is able to make eye contact with you and other people in his immediate environment.

They can also make sounds to attract attention and make their needs known in this way. In addition, babies are able to express feelings through different sounds, such as joy, excitement, fear, or discomfort.

These important abilities are not “trained”, but the dear little ones follow their instincts. Because thanks to these abilities, they can ensure their survival with a view to evolution.

What Are The Benefits Of The Group In Terms Of Early Learning?

In the initial phase of the early learning course, the aim is to casually teach the baby to look at things or objects and to follow them with the eyes or with the little head. The group leader will give suggestions and tips on how to promote your child’s specific skills individually.

Try it out: Your child fixes your face and watches what you do. Show him colorful objects and slowly move them back and forth in front of his eyes. Your little bundle of joy will follow the object with its little eyes.

Therefore, you should move it as slowly as possible and refrain from fast movements or loud noises at first. This could frighten the little one and reduce its attention.

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After a few weeks in the class, grasping can be trained. Although the grasping movements may be uncoordinated at first, you will find that they become more precise and purposeful after about 12 weeks.

Babies Love It When They Can Move

PEKiP taps into babies’ and toddlers’ urge to play and move. Everything that brings joy to your child and to you is good and meaningful. It is important that early intervention in playing and moving is always oriented to the individual possibilities and physical conditions of the child.

So don’t overtax your little treasure. What your child likes to play depends mostly on his or her age and stage of development. Therefore, a PEKiP is always structured according to age groups.

The purpose of PEKiP is to awaken curiosity for certain movements or games and to pick up on the associated movement, speech, and behavior patterns. All of this is done against the backdrop of playfully and lovingly supporting and improving skills based on the child’s specific abilities.


Every child develops differently. If your child completes certain play and movement sequences earlier or later than another child in the PEKiP group, just let this happen. Everything happens without pressure.

Parents do not need to compare their child’s skills and developmental level with the other children in the group.

Parents Should Keep This In Mind During PEKiP Classes:

Depending on the play and movement sequence, you should carry your child correctly, lay him down or hold him in your arms. For example, if your child is not yet able to hold his or her head independently, you should support him or her gently and lovingly.

Attend the PEKiP class with your baby only when he or she is well-fed and awake. Tired, sleepy and with full diapers, your child should not go to the PEKiP group.

Do not overtax your child. Even a good group leader always has an eye on the fact that the participating children only do the things that they enjoy and promote their development.

Always maintain eye contact with your treasure. While you are playing together in the group under supervision, talk to him and tell him in simple terms what is happening. Rituals during play and movement promote brain activity and also give your child a sense of security.

In general, little ones love recurring sequences when they experience something nice. This additionally strengthens their attention and stimulates their enthusiasm for talking. Of course, caresses and little strokes are also an essential part of a PEKiP course.

Loud noises or jerky movements should be avoided at all costs.

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If you observe your baby with love and attention, you will notice that it gives you little hints. For example, if he wants you to repeat certain sounds, movements or caresses.

As soon as he notices that he himself has contributed to feeling these positive experiences once again, his enthusiasm is great. In addition, such experiences are important for early development and for strengthening the little personality.

Help your little one to discover his body. Pamper him with caresses and strokes. Keep physical contact and gently touch his tummy. He will also enjoy gentle tickling of the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet.

He will feel that these extremities belong to him and will perceive them more intensively. Especially if he associates something positive with these touches that he experiences in the PEKiP class.

If you gently tap his fingernails on a tabletop or a drum while singing a rain song, this will also have a formative influence. This is because it will allow him to link the visual with the acoustic and recall this new experience in later discoveries.


The PEKiP course is certainly focused on the early support and healthy development of your baby. However, far more important than “educational support games and movements” is the joy of what the dear little ones do in the PEKiP course.

Whether crawling, massaging or rocking, singing or touching objects – PEKiP picks up on the simplest occurrences, play or movement sequences. These are memorized primarily through the additional association with sounds, visual perceptions or smells.

If these impressions are successively repeated through play, as long as the child enjoys this, you can achieve a lot through this early development. A possible initial developmental delay can also be absorbed by PEKiP and – depending on the constitution – compensated for in whole or in part.


In the course of the past 30 years, a lot has happened with regard to PEKiP. More and more parents are becoming enthusiastic about the informal, playful, and loving play and movement program. “Everything can, nothing must” is the motto.

This is what makes the multifaceted and at the same time simple concept so special. Complicated and strenuous things are left out. Babies should feel completely at ease in the PEKiP group and be able to move around as they please.

The child’s urge to play, move and discover is specifically taken up and encouraged and developed under professional guidance. Thus PEKiP is an early support of the special kind.

The little ones, as well as moms and dads, benefit from the traditional PEKiP program, which also incorporates the latest findings in pedagogy and education.

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