People In Europe Live Unhealthy

The World Health Organization has announced that people in Europe live very unhealthy. From a study conducted in July 2016, it appears that people in other Continentspay more attention to their health. Unfortunately, this also affects the children, who here in Europe eat mainly unhealthy.

What Does This Mean Exactly?

From the study, it appears that people in Europe smoke more, drink more alcohol, and eat unhealthier than a person in Asia does, for example. They are also significantly fatter compared to other continents. Now, this doesn’t mean that all people in Europe are fat, constantly drunk and everyone walks around with cigarettes in their mouth. This result merely reflects an average value reflection. To do this, the researchers recorded the eating, drinking, and smoking habits of all people, then divided the results by the number of all people and then converted them to Europe. This result shows that Europeans eat more and eat less, smoke more, and drink more.

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Message Especially For Children And Young People

The World Health Organization wants to send a warning to children and young people and make them aware that this is not healthy. I know I didn’t like spinach or any other vegetables in the past, but vegetables are healthy. And they don’t make you fat, unlike hamburgers, French fries, or chips and cola. However, parents are also called upon to set an example for their children. So just remember that alcohol, nicotine, and fast food are not healthy. After all, we all want to grow as old as possible.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

As Continents are closed continental masses. Continent comes from Latin and as a German word, you can also say Erdteil to it. There are the continents of Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia-Oceania, and Antarctica.

The Average value is a mathematical value. This value gives a certain relation. Let me give you an example. 10 people love to go to the movies and 100 people don’t like to do that. The average value now says that every 10th person likes to go to the cinema. Got it?

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