The Perfect Gifts For The 1st Birthday

What distinguishes beautiful gifts for the 1st birthday? What ideas are particularly appropriate? How does the gift get a pinch of individuality?

These and other important questions are answered in our guide. Our article shows you how to make the eyes of your little girl or boy light up.

What You Should Consider When Choosing A 1st Birthday Gift

When it comes to choosing the right gift for the 1st birthday, there are four aspects to consider:

  • suitable for one year olds
  • high quality
  • useful/developmental
  • makes fun

Is It Suitable For One-Year-Olds?

Your offspring should now be able to do something with the gift. There’s no point in giving them something they won’t be able to use for another two, three or 20 years.

In addition, the gift must be “compatible”. Make sure that it is absolutely free of harmful substances (saliva-proof paints, etc.).

Ideally, the gift for the 1st birthday is made of wood or other natural materials. In addition, small parts should not be swallowed.

Note: The latter point cannot always be guaranteed. Then it is particularly important to ensure that the baby is not left to play with the gift unsupervised at any time.

Is It Of High Quality?

For you there is nothing more important in the world than your sweet baby. Of course, you choose a gift for the 1st birthday that meets the highest quality standards.

Your gift is not only free of harmful substances, but also robust and resistant. It defies even the wildest games of your child.

No? Then you should urgently look for an alternative.

Is It Useful Or Developmentally Beneficial?

As a one-year-old, your baby is in the midst of the long developmental phase that is, in a way, about “everything” – discovering the ‘I’ and the exciting world around it.

Accordingly, the gift for the 1st birthday should ideally be developmental or at least otherwise useful (keyword clothing, bedding, etc.).

Tip: Take, for example, a gift that trains the motor skills of your child. Gifts that encourage role-playing or that help your baby learn and understand its first words are also possible. The possibilities are endless.

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Is It Fun?

“First birthday? My child doesn’t get that much out of it yet.” That may be partially true. Clearly, your baby’s cognitive abilities are not mature enough at this early stage to grasp “It’s my first birthday.”

But it is still the case that your offspring is celebrating a birthday. In this respect, the gift should also give him pleasure, make fun. So, if possible, choose a gift that will make your little one(s) shine.

The 10 Best Gifts For The 1st Birthday Briefly Presented

Below we name and describe the ten most popular (and meaningful) gifts for the 1st birthday:

  • Sorting, matching and stacking toys.
  • Learning to walk toy.
  • Children’s vehicle.
  • Rocking animal.
  • Cuddly toy.
  • Doll
  • Mobile/play bow.
  • Instrument
  • Picture book and dictionary.
  • Clothes and other textiles.

Sorting, Matching And Stacking Toys

Whether it’s colorful sorting, matching or stacking toys: With all these gifts for the 1st birthday, your baby learns in a playful way to recognize shapes and colors as well as relationships.

In addition, the toys train the motor skills of your child grasping, nesting, stacking, etc..

Tip: Make sure that the individual parts of the toy tend to be large!

Learning Toys

An essential step in your child’s development is learning to walk. That’s why many parents give their babies walking toys for their 1st birthday. There are a wide variety of different toys and they are also available in stores.

How about a walker made of solid wood that your offspring can hold on to?

Tip: An adjustable handle and brakes are important for a baby walker. The product should be adaptable to the child’s requirements (size, etc.).

Children’s Vehicle

What toddler doesn’t love them – children’s vehicles. Especially cars enjoy great popularity among the little ones.

Practical: Since your offspring acts on such a vehicle with his own legs and feet (pushing) and arms and hands (steering), he learns to use the limbs “profitably”.

Motor learning with huge fun potential – a top gift and a first birthday that can come with it gladly.

Rocking Animal

Rocking animals are still very popular. Instead of the obligatory horse, you can also choose a creative alternative – for example, a fluffy rocking mammoth, a wild rocking tiger or a daring rocking wolf.

Cuddly Toy

What would a first birthday be without a cuddly toy? It often accompanies your child for several years and is a loyal and helpful friend in difficult moments, such as when he or she is alone.


Ultimately, the same applies to the doll as to the cuddly toy. Both gifts also invite children to play their first small role-playing games.

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Your little one is already learning to take “responsibility” for another being – an unspeakably important experience that cannot be made early enough.

Tip: A wonderful gift combination for the 1st birthday would be a walker together with a cuddly toy or a doll.

Then your offspring would be able to take their new friend (the animal or doll) for a ride in the stroller.

Mobile/Play Bow

A mobile or play bow is very conducive to the development of the sense of touch. The hanging elements – whether animals, flowers or other motifs – arouse the child’s curiosity, so that he or she almost automatically tries to reach for them.

Following this interesting utensil with the eyes is also very good (for perception as well as spatial understanding). Your baby sharpens his sense of sight.


With an instrument that is suitable for one-year-olds, you are doing your offspring a real favor. Babies love sounds. By strumming on a xylophone, a small tambourine or tapping on a mini drum, your girl or boy will gain their first self-generated sound experiences.

Hand-eye coordination and dexterity in general as well as dexterity are trained.

Picture Book And Dictionary

Picture books and dictionaries as gifts for the 1st birthday? Sure they are. There are already versions for the very youngest. And if you want to become a new Goethe, it’s best to start acquiring an extensive vocabulary as early as possible.

With books that contain lots of pictures and little text, you can teach your offspring their first words easily and gradually.

Clothing and other textiles

Among the favorite gifts for the 1st birthday are also different textiles, especially, of course, clothing.

Admittedly, your little rascal does not necessarily have something directly from it. But when he looks through the photo albums a few years later, he will be very happy to see that he was already properly fashionably dressed as a tiny child.

Thus: Do not hesitate to give your baby chic clothes for the 1st birthday.

Tip: A first birthday can be celebrated just as well with cutely designed bedding as a gift.

The Most Beautiful Gifts For The 1st Birthday For Girls And Boys

What to give a girl, what to give a boy for the 1st birthday? The good news: the majority of the recommended gifts definitely fit both sexes.

In principle, we want to call at this point to put the unfortunately still present predetermined gender roles in the selection of gifts ad Acta.

Instead, try to find out what your offspring actually like.

Give your baby the chance to get to know different things (before his first birthday is imminent). While your offspring plays, you can observe how much joy he has with the respective object.

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Tip: This approach is not only recommended for toys, but also for colors.

Which colors does your child respond to happily? Which shades encourage him to look grim?

By observing such signals, you can easily determine whether it is better to choose the pink romper or the blue one – regardless of whether your offspring is a boy or a girl.

Gifts For The 1st Birthday For A Girl

If you wanted to follow the gender classification, the following gifts would be especially suitable for a girl:

  • Doll,
  • Clothes in pink, rose or red and.
  • Other objects in the mentioned colors.

First Birthday – You Can Give Your Boy

For boys, the following gifts are suitable in the first place:

  • Building blocks
  • Children’s vehicle
  • Clothes

But: If you notice that your boy likes to play with dolls, then give him one. Conversely, your girl may wear blue if it seems that she feels comfortable in this color.

Adorable Gifts: Ideas For Twins

You have many options when gifting twins:

  • give them both exactly the same gift (whether in the form of a single large gift or two small gifts is up to you).
  • give both of them the same object in different colors, shapes or motifs.
  • give each of them their own present (according to the “preferences” of the two rascals you have already observed).

Tricky: What Gift Is Suitable For The 2nd Child For The 1st Birthday?

We’ll keep it short: Avoid giving your 2nd child the exact (old) utensil you already gave your firstborn for their 1st birthday. Otherwise, you are completely free to choose.

With These Gifts A First Birthday Can Only Be Good

Fortunately, there are a variety of gifts that basically always make a first birthday a success:

  • Cuddly toy
  • Rocking animal
  • Instrument
  • Sorting, matching and stacking toys.

If you want to be on the safe side, just choose one of the gifts just listed.

First Birthday: Buy A Gift Or Make It Yourself?

You can either buy the gifts for your child’s 1st birthday or make them yourself instead. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Buying Gifts For The 1st Birthday

The big plus point of buying is the huge, seemingly endless selection. Many well-known manufacturers offer you high-quality children’s toys.

In addition, the time required to purchase the gift is usually kept within limits.

One of the disadvantages of buying is the often missing personal touch. Moreover, some gifts require a deeper grip in the wallet.

DIY Gifts: Ideas For Homemade Treasures

For homemade gifts for the 1st birthday speaks in the first place the strong individuality – that is, what it lacks most purchased gifts yet.

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However, in this case you are also more challenged, because you literally have to do it yourself. And: Sometimes DIY is also financially costly(er).

Tip: If you’re good at handicrafts, you can almost make a cute wooden rocking animal yourself. You can find free instructions on the Internet.

Popular Because Individual: Gifts With Names For The 1st Birthday

It doesn’t have to be DIY if you want to give your baby an individual gift with a personal touch.

Many retailers offer you the opportunity to refine the respective gift – whether clothing, children’s tableware or toys with the name of your child. Personalized gifts are great and creative keepsakes.

They bring a touch of uniqueness even if it is in itself quite a frequently purchased item.

How To Wrap The Gift For The 1st Birthday Beautifully And Appropriately

Even when unwrapping the gift, your baby should have great fun. Therefore, it makes sense if you put the gift in pretty wrapping paper and great crackle foil.

While the look of the paper appeals to the visual sense of your child, the crackling foil entices your offspring to feel and listen carefully.

Tip: Don’t be surprised if your baby pays more attention to the wrapping than to the actual gift.

Extra: Tips On How To Celebrate The 1st Birthday

Celebrating the 1st birthday is considerably more exciting for parents and guests than for the birthday child himself. Your baby doesn’t yet know that his first birthday is being celebrated, but usually already notices that strange things are going on.

Tip: Keep your baby’s stress level as low as possible. It is good, beautiful and right to celebrate the 1st birthday – after all, this day represents something very special for happy parents.

Nevertheless, you should make sure that “normality” prevails as far as possible.

  • Don’t change the regular daily routine too much.
  • Celebrate the day in the closest family circle.
  • Do not overwhelm your baby with gifts.

On the last point: follow the motto “less is more”. Your offspring can not grasp many gifts at once.

Of course, every relative and acquaintance wants to give him something for his 1st birthday, and there’s nothing wrong with that in principle.

It is best to present your child with the wonderful gifts little by little – at intervals of weeks or even months. It should always have the opportunity to deal extensively with a gift.


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