Piercing Ears For Children

Piercing Children’s Ears – At What Age Is It Safe?

Often the time when your child wants earrings comes earlier than expected. Or the consideration of piercing ears as a baby is on the table. If the hygienic conditions are right and some basic data are observed, there is nothing to be said against earrings at a very early age. In some cases, however, it is better to wait until the age of six or even until puberty. Especially the risk of allergies and infections decreases with age.

Why Pierced Ears? When The Desire For Earrings Arises

The main reason for the question of ear piercing is the desire of the child himself. Of course, it occurs more often in girls. Perhaps other children in kindergarten already have pierced ears and wear earrings that make their own offspring want beautiful children’s jewelry. In many cases, the child is then appeased with an artificial ear clip, which can look deceptively similar to the real earring, but does not require a pierced ear hole. However, when the alternative of the fake ear clip is no longer sufficient to satisfy the child’s desire, parents often consider having real ear piercings made. After all, most adults wear pierced ears anyway. Some cultures also practice piercing ears at a baby’s age, when the child itself is not yet able to participate. In Germany, this tradition is less common. On the contrary, some jewelers pierce ears only from a certain age, usually from the age of 6.

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The Right Time: The Later, The Better

Basically – from a medical point of view – piercing ears is always possible, as long as the baby or toddler is not sick. However, sometimes it is recommended that important vaccinations be taken care of first, so as not to overload the immune system with multiple influences. Also, the risk of infection, such as tetanus disease, can decrease with the right vaccinations, so these should be done first. Concerns that the child’s ear piercing will grow closed more quickly after piercing than the adult ear piercing are largely unfounded. However, with regard to possible jewelry allergies (e.g., nickel), the timing should be selected as late as possible. The risk of a baby or toddler accidentally pulling out or swallowing the earring also naturally decreases with increasing age. The sensation of pain, on the other hand, is independent of age. This does not differ between children and adults when piercing the ear and therefore plays less of a role in the choice of timing.

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Important Key Data: Hygiene, Consultation And Preparation

Once the decision to pierce the ears has been made, comprehensive consultation with the performing jeweler or pediatrician is required. Be informed about all care and aftercare measures as well as possible risks. Also check the hygienic conditions on site, because sterile instruments are essential to reduce the risk of infection. If you have an uneasy feeling about the choice of piercer or jeweler, it is better to cancel the procedure. The right time for ear piercing is after vaccinations for babies, and during vacations for school children. Here there is enough time to take care of the new ear piercings, also there is no need to pay special attention during sports or swimming lessons. If the jeweler or physician pierces the ear holes at the beginning of the summer vacations, for example, they will have healed as far as possible by the end.

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Dangers And Risks: Allergies, Infections And Ingestion

General dangers and risks, which also exist in adulthood, concern allergic reactions and infections. Nickel allergy, in particular, can be expected with freshly pierced ears; making the selection of a high-quality earring all the more important. Young children may play with earrings more, increasing the risk of pulling them out. Babies can easily swallow or inhale small parts that come out, so they should be under observation after piercing. Also, ear piercings may become misshapen over time and no longer be in the right place in adulthood. Also important in avoiding risks is the correct method for piercing ears. Although an ear-piercing gun is used comparatively often, it is less recommendable than piercing with a needle. On the one hand, it cannot be sterilized, but on the other hand, it also damages the ear tissue unnecessarily. This is because an ear piercing gun shreds the tissue, as it is blunter than a needle, and ensures a slower healing process. The disposable needle at the doctor’s office or piercing studio is a better choice to get quickly healed ear piercings.

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Loving Preparation: Proper Clothing And Informative Conversation

The child itself should be prepared for ear piercing with the right clothing. If possible, this should not have to be pulled over the head to avoid the risk of getting caught on the earrings afterward. While a baby cannot comprehend what happens during ear piercing, a conversation should take place with a toddler beforehand. This way, it can be prepared for the process in the best possible way. Words like “needle” should be avoided; it is better to choose a more innocuous term like “ear-piercing device.” During ear piercing, which can be a painful moment, the baby or toddler should be distracted. Playing with a cuddly toy is recommended. If the child already resists in advance or fidgets strongly, it is better to postpone the time for earring piercing.

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