Playground Dynamics: What Type Of Mother Are You?

You meet them on playgrounds: Moms. Of course, every mother is different and yet certain similarities or differences can be identified.
Below you will find a list of the most common ones Mother Types.
Now the only question is what type of mother you are.

1. The “My Child Can” Mother

All conversations revolve around the children. But it’s all about what they can already do, how great and developed they already are. This type of mother often begins her sentences with “So our child at that age has already …”“Great”, my brain then always switches to standby. With these prerequisites it must be a really blessed child. It’s bound to make it big if it doesn’t wet its diapers now.

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2. The Helicopter Mother

She is like Wonder Woman. When it comes to her child, she develops superhuman strength, reflexes and speed. She is always ready to protect her offspring from potential dangers and has her eyes everywhere. When the kids climb up the climbing tree, she gets nervous just watching them.

3. The Anti-Authoritarian Mother

With this type of mother, everything is a little more relaxed. She doesn’t take things quite so closely. If the kids want to eat more than one piece of cake, that’s fine too.
She is more of a friend to her children.

4. The Missionaries

They want to get the best out of their children. They go to a multilingual kindergarten, have taken all the early education classes, do karate, ballet and learn at least one instrument.
After all, early support is important, they say. They cheer loudly for their children in the gym and, of course, eat a sugar-free diet. The problem is not that these parents want only the best for their child, but that they tell everyone how wonderful they are. Then, on the playground, they try to proselytize other moms.

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5. The Career Mother

Both parents have a full-time job and the child is mainly in outside care. But after all, they have to offer their offspring something. They can only be at the playground on Sundays because they worked overtime during the week. “It’s all a question of organization” They whisper in your ear. Their lives have hardly changed since they were born. They are neatly dressed and like to chat about the upcoming wine tasting on the weekend.

6. The Ökö – Mother

You can also affectionately call them the “Rice cake mom” because she always has rice cakes with her. She makes sure that her children only get home-cooked organic food. Instead of sweets, there are dried bananas. There are no exceptions. Her children go to a Waldorf or Montessori school. The clothes are fair trade, the toys are made of special wood and she does not watch television.
When you meet her, she asks you if you like the organic ice cream at Dings better than the organic ice cream at Dings Bums.

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7. The Dedicated One

This type of mom has an incredible amount of energy and time. They are a member of the parents’ council, bake cakes for the kindergarten and get involved in the neighborhood. They organize children’s flea markets and class outings. At events, they immediately help with set-up, take-down and sales. They are always on hand when support is needed somewhere.

8. The Stressed

“Come on Jeremy, we have to go, we’re already late.”
The stressed mother grabs her child under her arm and rushes to the car.
Her life seems like a marathon. She is always in a hurry and has to get going again right away.
She is already much too late for the next appointment. Either she really does have something to do all the time, or her time management is just bad.

9. The Playground Clique

These parents meet every day at the playground. They wait until it’s finally 9 o’clock, then they fan out. They pack provisions and trade their millet cookies and chopped apples with each other. They sit on the park bench all the time; the playground is their kingdom. They do their things when the children are asleep.

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